Rusfond demanded that Zhanna Friske's family report on 20 million rubles

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Rusfond demanded that Zhanna Friske's family report on 20 million rubles
Rusfond demanded that Zhanna Friske's family report on 20 million rubles

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation and the official statement of Rusfond, published on the website of the organization, the singer's parents and her common-law husband are required to report on expenses of more than 20 million rubles after six months from the date of Jeanne's death.

"Rusfond" demanded from the family of Zhanna Friske reporting on 20 million rubles

The recent scandal involving the disappearance of more than 20 million rubles collected throughout the country for the treatment of the singer Zhanna Friske is gaining momentum. Deputy of the State Duma Vadim Solovyov joined the case, who turned to the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation Yuri Chaika with a request for a full check of the charitable organization Rusfond », whose bank accounts accumulated donations from citizens. The reason for this turn of events was the lack of reporting from the fund on the money left after the death of the artist.

To shed light on the current situation, Rusfond published an official statement on its website, which states that the amount of 25,011,790 rubles was transferred to the star's account. But after her death, after six months, Jeanne's heirs enter into inheritance rights, which, according to the law, are: the two-year-old son of the singer Plato and her parents Vladimir and Olga Kopylovs. Due to the minority of the boy, his official representative is father Dmitry Shepelev. Thus, the charitable organization demanded full reporting on the status of the remaining funds from the heirs of Friske, who will be able to send explanatory documents six months after the death of the artist.

Recall that, according to official information on the Rusfond website, a total of 69,267,787 rubles were collected for Zhanna. The organization's reports say that 32,619,851 rubles of this amount, at the request of the singer, were transferred for the treatment of nine cancer patients - the foundation's waiting list. Then, until October 2014, bills from clinics and drug suppliers for the celebrity were paid for a total of 11,636,146 rubles. And on October 19 of the same year, an agreement was concluded with Friske, according to which all the remaining funds in the amount of 25,011,790 rubles were transferred to the artist's bank account, and she undertook to report on expenses. Until June 15 this year, Rusfond received documents on the money used from the transferred amount in the amount of 4,120,959 rubles. After that, there was no news about the fate of the remaining 20,890,831 rubles either from the singer's parents or from her common-law spouse Shepelev.

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