Gluk'oZa said that she makes her husband angry

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Gluk'oZa said that she makes her husband angry
Gluk'oZa said that she makes her husband angry

In her latest interview, the singer told how to achieve a happy marriage.

Gluk'oZa told that angers her husband

Singer Gluk'oZa generously shares new photos with her fans on Instagram. She regularly demonstrates her figure, shows her photos from the gym, and also very rarely - but still family shots appear on her social network. The artist prefers not to advertise her personal life, but, according to her, she understands that she is a public person, so new pictures, as well as stories about what the singer does in her free time, are of interest to her fans.

Gluk'oZa told the site "Cosmopolitan" how she manages to maintain harmony in relations with her husband, businessman Alexander Chistyakov, and protect their daughters, eight-year-old Lydia and four-year-old Vera, from increased media attention.

The singer believes that the main thing in a happy marriage is to “marry for love”: “It seems to me that in order to define a “happy marriage”, one must live in it for at least 25 years. This is where the "bright future" begins! And in a relationship, of course, you need to be able to forgive, understand, be afraid of losing, take care, and so on.”

As it turned out, the star is trying to raise her daughters without the participation of any gadgets. So, the star mother said that her babies do not have phones and computers, and they watch TV for a limited amount of time. Parents teach girls to get real emotions from life - Lydia and Vera go in for horseback riding and English.

Recall that the singer got married in June 2006. The wedding took place in the Kutuzovsky registry office in Moscow without the presence of witnesses and guests. But as it turned out, the couple decided to repeat the process of exchanging vows and rings at the very wedding celebration for numerous famous guests.

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