How to check a babysitter by her social media profile

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How to check a babysitter by her social media profile
How to check a babysitter by her social media profile

American journalist Pamela Valentine tells from personal experience how to protect your children and yourself from a problem nanny using social networks.

Measure seven nannies: what can you learn about a nanny from her social media profile?

I always use social media to impress my future nanny. My childhood experience was terrible and I don't want it to happen again for my children. My parents always managed to invite some monsters to look after us. From Patricia, who threw a party for her friends at our backyard, taking away all the kids' soda and chips, to Meredith, who tied us up with telephone cords and locked us in the pantry or left us standing in the dark under the door of the house outside.

All of our nannies were high school students and the children of our good parishioner neighbors. They were considered to be very respectable girls. Even worse was that our parents did not believe our complaints. The monster nannies' reputation was infallible in their eyes, and we "slandered the poor girls."

So when it came time to look for a nanny for my kids, I did everything to make sure I didn't hire Patricia or Meredith. I made it a rule to study the recommendations of at least two previous parents. Then I talked with the potential nanny myself and watched how she handled the children at the children's party for at least half an hour. If they successfully passed these tests, I went to collect information about them on the Internet.

I know some people think it's funny, what can you find about a student nanny or high school nanny on the internet? Google search, of course, did not give any information about illegal activities. But what a person shares on social networks, what he likes or how he comments on other people's posts, betrays his real worldview.

For example, I would not want a young Nazi or a crow hunter sitting with my children. I bring up children in respect for all world religions, so an obsessive orthodox adherent of one of them, who fiercely preaches the correctness of her views, is also not needed in my house. I look at what the friends of the future nanny are fond of, and how often she spends time in their company. I wouldn't want to come home one day to find her pals in my backyard.

My parents, by the way, eventually caught Patricia and her friends red-handed. Yes, and Meredith after that was subjected to interrogations with passion and admitted that yes, she did this to us. She even apologized to us children and asked to give her another chance. Due to my personal experience, I always try to listen to exactly what my children tell me about the nanny, and how they react to her arrival - joyfully, or scared and stiff. This is much more revealing than any Google search.

But anyway, the childish reaction is when it's too late. The kids are already scared. Therefore, I will not be too lazy to get recommendations and see how the first meeting of the nanny with my children goes. And then I will not be too lazy to go through the links and carefully form my opinion about this person, before leaving her alone with the little ones.

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