14 snarky quotes about men from the brightest and wisest women

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14 snarky quotes about men from the brightest and wisest women
14 snarky quotes about men from the brightest and wisest women

The first 40 years of childhood are the most difficult in a boy's life. We love men, don't we? But sometimes we love to joke and make sharp but truthful jokes at them. We found 14 of the most caustic quotes about men from famous women.

14 poignant quotes about men from famous women

Faina Ranevskaya

Soviet theater and film actress

"God made women beautiful so that men could love them and stupid so they could love men."

Elizabeth Taylor

Anglo-American actress

“The taste is formed gradually. Twenty years ago, I happened to marry men whom I would not even invite to dinner today.”

Sharon Stone

American actress

“Women may fake orgasms. But men imitate relationships.”

Grace Kelly

American actress

"Man is by nature lazy. If all women had a profession, men would sit at home drinking beer and staring at the TV.”

Sidoni Colette

French writer

"Men are surprisingly illogical: they say that all women are the same, and constantly change one for another."

Clara Booth Lewis

American journalist and playwright

"A man's house may seem like his castle from the outside, but from the inside it is most often a manger."

Salma Hayek

American actress

"I always look forward to meeting a man with more brains than me."

Margaret Thatcher

British Prime Minister 1979-1990

“If a woman shows character, they say about her - "a harmful woman." If a man shows character, they say about him - "he is a good guy."


American singer, songwriter, producer

"You don't really know a guy until you ask him to wear a condom."

Rita Rudner

comedy actress

"The old theory was, 'Marry a man who is older than you - he is more mature.' However, a new theory says: "Men don't mature. Marry someone younger."

Gwyneth P altrow

American actress

"I love men. Even though most of them are deceitful, deceitful goats.”

Irina Shayk

Russian supermodel

"If a man makes a woman feel unhappy, it's not a man, it's a boy."

Yanina Ipokhorskaya

Polish artist, journalist, writer

"Not every man will go to a restaurant with a woman dressed in a plunging red evening dress. Rather, he will invite a person in a modest, discreet outfit. And the whole evening will be staring at a woman in a red evening dress with a plunging neckline.”

Marilyn Monroe

American film actress, singer and sex symbol

“A strong man does not need to assert himself at the expense of a woman who had the weakness to love him. He already has a place to show his strength.”

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