10 Common Makeup Mistakes That Age You

10 Common Makeup Mistakes That Age You
10 Common Makeup Mistakes That Age You

Makeup should emphasize facial features, adding attractiveness, and certainly not ageing. Have you noticed that when you are not wearing makeup, they take you for a 28-year-old, and with a make-up they can call you a grandmother? Looks like you're just wearing makeup the wrong way!

10 common makeup mistakes that make you look older

We decided once and for all to deal with this problem: many women really add 5-10 years to themselves, using cosmetics. And the point here is not that makeup ages in principle, but in common mistakes that every second woman makes. Therefore, we turned to a professional makeup artist and found out what make-up mistakes should be avoided.

Yulia Pantyukhina

make-up artist and founder of the JuiceMUA mobile make-up school for herself


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The inept use of dense texture tonal products often leads to an undesirable effect - it emphasizes skin imperfections. In applying dense products, the approach is important: the choice of texture, application tool, makeup base. If you are not tempted in this matter, then I recommend masking significant skin irregularities and redness locally. Leave the rest of the skin clean or cover with a light fluid (light texture foundation). The natural texture of the skin is beautiful, a barely noticeable correction is required for makeup for every day.

Thick concealer is good for filming, actors and TV presenters. What you want is a lightweight, light-reflecting product that won't dry out the delicate skin around your eyes or accentuate fine lines.


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Macara add-ons look sloppy, old-fashioned, add age. Eyelashes should look natural - thicker at the base, thinner towards the tips. If one coat of mascara isn't enough to define your eyes, add eyeliner or use an eyelash curler. In addition, this technique additionally lifts the outer corner of the eye and makes the look open and fresh. Remember - you don't need a three-layer pile of mascara.


In order to create a tanned effect, some women apply a tone much darker than their natural skin tone. This is a big mistake - in this case, the face looks sloppy, tired, and the woman is much older. If you want a golden tan, it is better to use two shades of foundation - a tone to match your skin and two shades darker in the correction zone (cheekbones, along the periphery of the forehead, the side of the nose, the chin slightly), shading. This additionally creates a beautiful relief. You can complement the effect with bronzing powder delicately on the protruding parts of the face (forehead, cheekbones, tip of the nose, chin, upper eyelid).


Highlighter adds a pleasant glow, gloss and grooming to the face, but remember that it is applied only to even areas of the skin. Glitter and radiance emphasizes wrinkles, pores, sores and other skin imperfections.



You have to be careful with him. Not everyone is suitable for creating beautiful high cheekbones and a chiseled nose. A dark corrector creates a blackout zone - it can make facial features harder and add fatigue. And as you know, everything is round, not sunken, attractive and young. Instead of a hard correction, it is better to take care of a fresh blush and even, slightly illuminated skin!


Powder dries, emphasizes mimic wrinkles and overloads the skin. I recommend using the minimum.



For example, active eyebrows, smokey, bright blush and lips - and all this together. Sometimes one is good, sometimes two or three accents - it all depends on individual aesthetics and context. But it is worth remembering that most often, by increasing the number of accents in makeup, you increase the likelihood of looking older than your years. How to look younger with makeup: video.


Whether you are doing an arrow or a "smoky eye" - do not forget that the outer corner of the eye should not be underestimated. Focus on the direction of the line that runs along the lower outer edge of the eye.


She's like a velvet scrunchie, only good for stylized shooting!



If the eyes are deep set, a wide and thick line will make the face look stern. Lighten the shape, and the look will become more open, light and friendly.

A clearly defined and densely filled with color eyebrow looks alien on the face, as after using a stencil. I would like to say separately about eyebrow tattooing (and tattooing in principle) - it always adds age. Based on materials from cosmo.ru.

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