Best Korean Dramas

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Best Korean Dramas
Best Korean Dramas

Korean-made dramas are not just a new cultural phenomenon, but a very special treat. All the characters are like brothers, eternal friendship races with eternal love, and the level of suspense is about the same as in a box with newborn puppies. All in all, this is a must see.

15 Best Korean Love Dramas You Can't Stop Watching

Empress Ki (2013)

During the reign of the Chinese Yuan Dynasty, the ruler of distant Goryeo sends a young concubine to the emperor. She will have time to escape, be an honest thief and a fearless warrior, break many hearts along the way, swear allegiance to the King of Goryeo and become the beloved of the Chinese emperor - and the empress, of course. Love and politics, politics and love, and what kind of costumes will rock you.

Kill Me Heal Me (2015)

Athlete, handsome and third-generation millionaire Cha Do Hyun had a difficult childhood, so now he has memory lapses, and inside of him seven personalities coexist not peacefully at the same time. The matter is further complicated by the fact that our handsome man must return from America, where he studied, home to Korea, and take over the leadership of the corporation. To live normally, you have to somehow - right, heal.

Secret Garden (2010)

Kim Joo Won, a young big boss, is used to getting whatever he wants (because his dad is also a big boss). Kil Ra Im is a girl from a poor family and achieved everything herself: for example, she became a stuntman. There could be a good love story here, but to make it even more intricate - young people suddenly change bodies, and only after that they will get to know each other better.

Gentleman's Dignity (2012)

Four forty-year-old comrades are busy with strong male friendships and other important adult affairs. Well, what about the girls? And then the girls: one is used to female attention, the other has a selfish girlfriend, the third is a widower and yearns, the fourth is married, but a womanizer. Midlife crisis at its finest.

Man from the Stars (2013)

Do Min Joon is practically perfect in every way, but a little withdrawn and arrogant citizen, and this is no coincidence: he landed on Earth 400 years ago, during the Joseon Dynasty - what should he talk about not with his peers. It seems to be time to go back to the stars, but then he meets actress Jung Song Yi, a very spoiled girl. Everyone falls in love with each other, but the future is vague: she is a dugout, he is a man from the star.

Bride of the Century (2014)

Orphan Du Rim has little money and a lot of problems, and she also looks like a rich and spoiled heiress of a noble family, who has just escaped from the crown. It seems that everything is not bad - well, at the request of relatives, she will stay for a while as someone else's bride until she is found. But it seems that they forgot to tell her about one little thing: a curse hangs over the groom's family! The first wife of every man in their family dies on their wedding night. Are the relatives really diligently looking for the missing bride, who is "temporarily" replaced by Doo Rim, or is this not a very fair game?

Iris, Iris-2 (2009, 2013)

The beautiful Choi Seung-hee becomes a real bone of contention between two brave commandos and almost ruins a real male friendship. She is also a spy, and in such a simple way she selects agents in her super-secret squad. Enemies, friends, jealousy and love for the motherland and for each other.

Love Rain (2012)

Natural Korean "You never dreamed of": once upon a time, the parents of our young heroes experienced a dizzying romance, but something went wrong. Now the young heroes are in love with each other, but their love must undergo various trials and go through various ups and downs. And there the parents will catch up.

The Nice Guy (2012)

Good boy Kang Ma Ru wants to make two girls happy at once: a sick sister and a hysterical and suicidal childhood friend. One day, a girlfriend accidentally kills an outsider, and a good boy takes the blame, otherwise the girlfriend's career as a reporter is over. While Ma Ru is serving time and believes that everything is not in vain and they are waiting for him here (at least out of gratitude), the girlfriend marries a rich man. Bad luck for good boys.

Winter Sonata (2002)

A girl is friends with a boy. The boy is secretly in love with her. The girl grows up, falls in love with another boy, but soon he dies in a car accident. The girl is going to marry a childhood friend, but suddenly in a snowstorm she meets the very boy who died on the street. Or very similar. And then she works with him together and cannot understand in any way whether he is or not. And neither can you with her. And he has memory loss, by the way, so he won't answer that question either.

49 days (2011)

Let's add some mysticism: on the eve of the wedding, a happy bride gets into a car accident and falls into a coma. Thanks to a handsome priest and higher powers, she gets a ghostly second chance - in 49 days she must find three people who really love her and suffer a lot without her - and not a relative, otherwise everyone can do it. Everything, of course, will not be so simple, because the soul of the bride moves into the body of another young lady, whose boyfriend just died.

Pinocchio (2014)

The heroine suffers from "Pinocchio Syndrome": every time she tries to lie, she starts to hiccup. In the profession of a journalist, this does not help much, but the heroine does not give up: she wants to find her mother, who left her in childhood. Her childhood friend, although he does not hiccup, also works as a journalist, paranoidly hides his past and plans to take revenge - and it will soon become clear who and for what.

It's OK, It's Love (2014)

The writer is working on a book about death, thinking along the way about the hardships of life: he, as modern psychologists would say, has intimophobia, that is, the fear of love and close relationships. The beautiful psychiatrist has about the same problem, because she loves her job very much. The writer and the psychiatrist annoy each other, but fate continues to bring them together, so the fight against intimophobia has a chance.

Secret Love (2013)

Yu Jung is ready to do anything for her beloved: firstly, she supports him while he is studying to be a lawyer, and secondly, in a paroxysm of love, she takes the blame for a woman who was hit by him in a car to death and naturally goes to prison. Of course, her beloved is not waiting for her from prison, he will have more interesting things to do, but the beloved of the very deceased is waiting, dreaming of revenge. Whether revenge will succeed and who will fall in love with whom will become clear in the process.

The Sun Embracing the Moon (2012)

Marriages are made in heaven, so young ruler Lee Hwon is engaged to his fiancee since childhood and is very happy about it. But insidious and mysterious assassins, hired by an unknown person, attack the future queen, and everyone is sure that the girl is dead. After many years, it turns out that she not only survived, but also learned the magic craft, and the former lovers will meet again.

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