Natural bridal makeup for the bride

Natural bridal makeup for the bride
Natural bridal makeup for the bride

What makeup to choose for the wedding? Should you give preference to the natural make-up of the bride or stop at a bright, festive version? Let's think together!

Natural wedding makeup for the bride


It doesn't matter what your wedding will be - magnificent and luxurious, which will have more than 100 guests, or chamber, just for the two of you. Whether you wear a traditional dress with a train or an unusual miniā€¦ Natural make-up for a wedding will be appropriate in any case.

Too bright and too festive make-up, as well as heavy, ridiculous hairstyles, filled with a huge amount of varnish, have already become a thing of the past. Natural makeup is out of the edgy fashion trends. Therefore, looking at wedding photos 10-15 years later, you will be happy to look at your happy and fresh face, and not think with horror about how you could like such a wild and strange look (after all, trends change very quickly!).

So, we are for the classics. If you want to be flawless, give preference to the natural makeup of the bride, and even after years you will not have to regret your choice. Start with preparation - 1-2 months before the wedding, put your hair and skin in order with the help of masks and vitamins, because beautiful skin and he althy hair are very important in the natural make-up of the bride.



  1. Smooth and radiant skin is the main thing you should take care of. To make your skin glow, be sure to use a highlighter.
  2. Foundation must be durable and at the same time light so that there is no mask effect.
  3. If you have redness and small pimples, work carefully with the corrector to look flawless not only in photos (there is photoshop for this), but also in life.
  4. The next important step is blush. A creamy light pink blush is best. If your skin tone is more suited to brown blush, don't get carried away with it too much, in the natural makeup of the bride, everything should be gentle.
  5. Finish your beautiful face with light powder.


  1. Neat eyebrows aren't just for your wedding day. We hope you are ok with this. If not, do the correction and coloring a couple of days before the holiday. Of course, from a trusted master, to do without surprises. Since you have chosen to be as natural as possible for your look, the eyebrows should not be too different in color from your hair and should not be narrow.
  2. Bright smokey eyes are best left for a club party. On the wedding day, for eye make-up, it is better to choose shimmery shadows (but not too bright!). Softly blend the shadows, preferring pastel shades.
  3. Use eyeliner by drawing neat winged lines for natural wedding makeup.
  4. Macara must be waterproof, because you can burst into tears from an excess of feelings! Many makeup artists advise using false eyelashes for a wedding. High-quality, natural false eyelashes will really make your look more expressive.


Delicate lip color or bright red lipstick? Light pink lipstick and a neutral pencil are best for registration, as well as lip gloss as a final shade. But in the evening, you can make up your lips brighter, making the bride's natural evening makeup!

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