9 ways to never be late

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9 ways to never be late
9 ways to never be late

“People often ask me how I manage to do everything? My secret is simple – I don’t have time for anything.” Have you ever laughed off this phrase? If so, here are some tips to help you finally get started.

9 habits to never be late

Don't do everything yourself

Spread tasks among family members and colleagues. Do not undertake to do the work that someone else can do but you. And even more so, do not grab hold of other than your duties (in particular, at work).

Your task is to do only what no one can do better than you. But to wash shoes for the whole family, for example, your child can. Send letters - the staff secretary of your organization.

Learn to say "No"

Are you the best at excel, and that's why the whole department runs to you for advice or throws in their reports for verification? The world is demanding on deadlines, and you are not a common nanny. Or is it still a nanny who does not have time to do her own work? Say no to things that steal your time. Learn not to promise to do something if you know you can't, or if you can at too high a cost.

Use lists and planners

The simplest and most practical thing is not to keep tasks in your head, but put them on paper, on a tablet, in a diary. Then your head will not be busy with the question “what else should I remember to do?”, And will be able to work normally.

Schedule internet time

There are no bigger wasters of your time than social media and email. Give yourself a few intervals a day when you look at the mail and reply to it. Get yourself a limited time in which you surf the Internet, and log out of the network at the timer's call. No, the fate of a mouse that was hit by a car in Australia is not worth further study. Out!

Keep things separate

Get plastic boxes at home in which you store various themed items. And sign them. So, let the hockey uniform and equipment of the son lie in one separate box. Accessories for the dog - in another. It may seem incredible, but, for example, the average American spends about 55 minutes a day looking for things at home. 23 ways to organize your life.

Plan your wardrobe for the week

Spend 20 minutes on a weekend to get yourself a full set of clothes for the whole week - one coat hanger. Then you won't have to look for light-colored underwear to go with a light-colored top before going to work.

Get duplicate things

Those things that are most critical to forget at home should be duplicated at work, in your purse and in the glove compartment of your car. Handkerchiefs, pads, spare goggles, allergy spray, etc. This way you won't have to come home every time.

Set timers

The clock, the phone, the kitchen are full of timers that will remind you with their ringing that it's time to get somewhere, call, or take a break from work.

Plan your expenses and groceries

Give yourself one day a month to pay utility bills, pay off loans, etc. Make basic purchases once a week. Make a sample menu for the week, and you won't have to buy too much or throw away spoiled food. In my experience, having a family menu for a week reduces the time spent in the kitchen by about four times.

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