How the desire for a wife's smile was the start of a big project

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How the desire for a wife's smile was the start of a big project
How the desire for a wife's smile was the start of a big project

A series of crazy photos of her husband unexpectedly became the beginning of a big project to fight the disease.

He wanted his wife with breast cancer to smile. But got more

What are you willing to do for a loved one? Bob Carey is special. When his wife Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer 10 years ago, he took a camera, a pink tutu, and started being photographed looking ridiculous everywhere he could imagine. He wanted her to laugh, nothing more.

But back then, Bob never imagined that a series of his photographs would develop into a multi-year project, publishing a book and creating his own breast cancer foundation.

When Bob first started, he wanted his wife in the hospital to look at pictures and smile. So that her roommates smile too: “Then I thought that this was all I could do. Ironically, cancer teaches us that life is good no matter how easy or difficult it is, whether we can deal with the problem or whether we have to accept it as it is. The only thing we can always do is laugh at ourselves and share it with others to laugh together.”

He succeeded. Linda recalls that laughter really helped her: “The more I laughed, the easier it was for me.”

The couple generously shared these photos, and they scattered across the Internet with thousands of positive comments and likes. Moreover, many tough men around the world began to buy pink tutus and take pictures in them, showing their support and participation.

Bob realized that this could be more than just helping his wife. And he launched the TUTU project.

Bob's project is now The Tutu Project™ donates funds raised from the sale of posters, postcards and tutus to breast cancer treatment and research.

As Bob writes on the homepage of the site: “The mission of Project Tutu™ is to raise funds for men and women with breast cancer. The collected funds go to help the sick in the part that is not covered by he alth insurance. We aim to bring support, laughter and community understanding to people who have been through too much.”

The Careys managed to prove that a positive attitude to life and a sense of humor help to go through the most difficult path, and even if there were no reasons for joy, they can be created.

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