Dreaming is bad

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Dreaming is bad
Dreaming is bad

They say it's okay to dream. Shamelessly lie! Dreaming is at least not useful, as it turns out. And if you are not one of those who hover in the clouds, if you do not consider yourself a dreamer and know that you stand firmly on the ground - this article is for you. Because we all, it turns out, are constantly dreaming. And we harm ourselves with this.

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Actually, while you are dreaming, you generally seem to be out of time. There is no past, it has already passed, and despite this, most of us dream of returning there and changing something. It does not add any peace of mind or self-confidence. No future exists either - in the sense of a predetermined future. You can't imagine it.

But you can create a lot of illusions for yourself. For example, what a beauty you will be when you finally throw off three kilograms. You won't. That is, you will throw off these unfortunate kilograms, of course, but your life will still not look like a beautiful clip with you in the title role. Hence the disappointment. And the present moment, the very moment in which you dream, will become the past. A past in which you did nothing significant. Because they lay on the couch and dreamed.


According to a recent study by Harvard psychologists Daniel Gilbert and Matthew Killingsworth, most people are distracted half their time from what they are doing. To check what exactly they are distracted by, scientists developed a special application for the iPhone, posted it on the Web and invited everyone to take part in the survey. 2,000 people aged 8 to 88 regularly answered one question: what are you doing at the moment and what are you thinking about?

It turned out that almost no one really thinks about the case. People reminisce about the past and regret their actions, and also dream about things that will never happen. It is interesting that people break away from reality no matter what they are currently doing. The only thing we are ready to give ourselves completely - sex. The problem is that when we dream, we lose emotional stability: if we dream about the future, we imagine possible failures, and if we remember the past, we scold ourselves for mistakes. And it prevents us from just feeling happy.


And they also interfere with rest. It seems to you that it will be easier to write a boring report if you dream about a vacation at the same time. In fact, your attention is scattered and you make mistakes - this is the first thing. Second, you work slower. The right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for the symbols and images that make up your dreams, for imagination, emotions and, in fact, the fantasies themselves. Analytical thinking, sequential processing of information, literal understanding of words - all these are tasks of the left hemisphere. They can work at the same time, of course - for example, you can easily talk on the phone and draw.

But if you load both hemispheres to the fullest, they will start to work separately and independently of each other, which will make it impossible to complete the third task. An experiment conducted by French researcher Etienne Coechlin in 2010 showed that volunteers were able to perform two tasks at the same time, but the third surprisingly eluded their memory. At the same time, scientists say, the reason is simple: the brain simply does not have a third hemisphere. And this means that if you daydream while working, you may miss something important. If you indulge in daydreaming on vacation, was it worth it to go somewhere at all? You just won't notice and remember the most interesting!


Well, it's not surprising. What do you dream about the most? About we alth, about success, about the handsome prince, where without him. The problem is that the brighter and more realistic your dreams are, the sooner they will turn into illusions. About the fact that they themselves will come and give everything to you. The Heavenly Chancellery will collect the parcel and tomorrow you will wake up as a famous millionaire. At the same time, by the way, it is possible that the universe will be favorable to you and there will be a place for miracles in your life. But it will not be at all like what you imagined. And that's it - your very smart brain will decide that life has not been successful at all. He is like that, yes, he will decide and instantly organize a depressive state for you. And it will not be so easy to convince him.


Because if you dream of your own house with a garden, then this is not a dream, this is a goal. In the event that you have ideas on how to make money on this charm. And if you just imagine how pleasant it is to lie in a hammock and listen to birdsong, this is not the goal. You spend time creating beautiful mental pictures. Try to remember your dream come true - it did come true some time after you stopped thinking about it, right? This is how the visualization technique works: imagine, dream and forget. Because the picture that looms in your head prevents you from acting and generally makes you nervous. And how can you turn your dream into a goal? No way. And, therefore, it will not come true. Such are miracles. Based on materials from cosmo.ru, photo: fotoimedia / Ingram.

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