Prelude to failure: WRONG foreplay

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Prelude to failure: WRONG foreplay
Prelude to failure: WRONG foreplay

Let's grumble a little. We all know how important for the act of love is what happens immediately before it. And if everything happens mediocre, then sometimes nothing happens at all. Therefore, today we will analyze the typical mistakes of a man during foreplay in general. Some things may seem obvious, but life shows that many should be reminded of them more often.

Prelude to Failure: Wrong Foreplay

1. Please don't act like you're doing her a favor. A woman will always know if you really like what's going on and you sincerely want to please her, or if you're working out in the style of "it's necessary, it's necessary" "".

2. The prelude shouldn't take the same amount of time as a bubble gum commercial (although you shouldn't stretch it over a feature film). It is generally impossible to derive a clear timing here: three minutes for the neck, three minutes for the shoulder … Be guided by the reaction. But if she needs time, give it to her!

3. Someone may be dreaming about a monk who took a vow of silence. The rest don't really like it when a partner during sex is quiet like a mouse. Your voice with a loving (well, or at least wanting you) woman can work wonders.

4. Try not to be aggressive and assertive from the first second! Even if you are shaking with desire! That is, maybe someone needs this, the rest prefer to start slower, softer and more delicately, increasing the pace and strength of stimulation gradually - the sharper her body will perceive your lightest caress. And since we're talking about foreplay, caress is the key word here.

5. Of course, it happens that it is easier for her to undress herself: all those thin stockings and tights that she is afraid to tear, tight jeans, fasteners… But it turns you on - when you are undressed by the desired man. Don't miss this opportunity!

6. Try not to follow her with the gaze of a maniac,checking her reaction to your every action. It happens that he caresses her with his hand, and he stares, as if silently urging: well, how are you - ready - not ready? We feel like we are at an exam or a medical examination. Better kiss your partner or something in the meantime.

7. Check out her outfit, especially the sexy lingerie. She worked hard for you, and this fig leaf is definitely worth the hell out of it. At least chuckle in approval before throwing it on the floor.

8. Most importantly, don't skip this step altogether thinking it's not important. We swear it's important. If something doesn’t work out, there are a ton of books about it, Google to the rescue. Just don't give up!

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