10 series about women worth seeing

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10 series about women worth seeing
10 series about women worth seeing

A series of the favorite female series - just what the doctor ordered after a hard day's work. Beautiful characters, love, witty dialogues - a wonderful synthesis in order to cheer yourself up. We have selected 10 series that all girls will definitely like.

10 series about women you should watch


1998 - 2004 HBO Studios

A series that managed to fall in love with women all over the world. Four friends who show the female world as it really is - love, expectations, hopes and, of course, sex. It seems that every episode can be parsed into quotes, and men have a lot to learn, because "Sex and the City" is a desktop encyclopedia of what women really want.

Desperate Housewives

2004 - 2012

Immediately after the end of "Sex and the City", it was replaced by a new series about women - "Desperate Housewives". A bonus to all the reflections on female friendships and relationships with men is the intrigue that keeps us in suspense throughout all seasons. The main secret of the series is quite simple: take a few charming actresses, add an intriguing story and ironic dialogue - that's probably all the ingredients for success.


2005 - …

The title alone makes us watch at least one episode of Grey's Anatomy. And as you know, where one is, there is another. Thus, today we can see as many as 12 seasons non-stop! Modern ER follows the life of a young female surgeon, Meredith Gray, and her colleagues. Heroes constantly fall in love, quarrel, make friends and, what is important, continue to selflessly work for the benefit of society - to treat people. It is important to note that "Grey's Anatomy" during its existence managed to collect awards: "Golden Globe" and "Emmy".


2008 - 2010

"Mistresses" is a really interesting and full of surprises series that will appeal to absolutely all women. The reason for this is not only good acting, but also a first-class plot: girlfriends who were able to show the audience the other side of a happy life - intrigues, their own desires and struggle with them, dangerous love and waiting for a date.


2009 - …

The story of a strong woman who had to face the difficulties of life - she takes all care of the children after her husband was at the center of a sex scandal and a brutal corruption story. Her life becomes a struggle for a place in the sun, but we know that a woman “will stop a galloping horse and enter a burning hut”, so following this story is doubly interesting!


2009 - 2015

Yes! Life after forty is just beginning! And the main character of "City of Cougar" proves it - a successful, beautiful and charismatic woman is in constant search of young fans.

Funny stories happen to her and her friends, so the series is full of funny and positive moments.


2010 - …

The life story of an aristocratic family in Yorkshire at the beginning of the 20th century. We can see the life of not only we althy Britons, but also his entourage - servants, friends, lovers. In "Downton Abbey" we were able to find all the main components of a successful series - intrigue, secrets, friendship, love and betrayal. In general, everything that we like so much.

Once Upon A Time

2011 - …

An exciting and vivid fantasy series for those who still live in two worlds - modern and fabulous. Once Upon a Time is the amazing story of Emma Swan, who turns out to be the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White. In this whole story there is a share of irony, faith in the incredible and, of course, love.


2000 - 2007

The story of a young mother and her very young daughter - very different, but incredibly charming Gilmore girls! They are best friends, similar in everything - from views of the world to tastes in food, music and movies. The picture from the life of Lorelai and Rory is bright, unpredictable and in places incredibly funny. We are sure that in the company of the Gilmore Girls we will never be bored.


2007 - 2012

A series showing the life of students at a prestigious private school in Manhattan. Each hero has his own secrets, which are revealed with the help of an unknown Gossip Girl - a blog that reveals the most terrible and personal secrets

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