The best Soviet films - what to watch with your family

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The best Soviet films - what to watch with your family
The best Soviet films - what to watch with your family

What to see with kids? Here, for example, are the best Soviet films that we want to show children. Well, or review it yourself to cheer you up.

What to see for a good mood? 25 great Soviet family films

Welcome or No Trespassing (1964)

An effective way to explain to your child everything about the pioneers, the camp, team building, the corn-queen of the fields and why it's bad to hurt your grandmother.

Ivan Vasilievich changes his profession (1973)

Excursion for posterity in two historical periods at once. Oh, it's good to have a time machine!

The Incredible Adventures of Italians in Russia (1973)

An excellent film about international relations, secrets and treasures, as well as an excuse to visit St. Petersburg and pet all the lions again.

The adventures of Petrov and Vasechkin, ordinary and incredible (1983)

Correct Role Models: Children are supposed to misbehave - even girls, rage, play and annoy adults. Oh yes, and to tame the obstinate Masha, of course.

Striped Flight (1961)

A film about the fact that each person should be in his place (well, or at the right moment to be in it), as well as what a monkey is capable of without supervision.

Gentlemen of Fortune (1971)

Associate professor is not only an academic title, but also a way of life, the right pedagogical methods work wonders, and you can slip into someone else's shoes without noticing. Did you learn English?

Kin dza dza (1986)

If you press the button unsuccessfully, you will find yourself on a deserted Plyuk in the company of dubious personalities. But it soon became clear that the violinist was needed: Levan Gabriadze today is a famous director.

Mary Poppins Goodbye (1983)

Respectable England, Cherry Street, "foreign" interiors - oh, what a bunk bed the Banks children had! Slender Andreichenko and a song for the ages: tomorrow the wind will change.

New Year's adventures of Masha and Vitya (1975)

For adults - VIA "Wild Guitars", for the rest - the remaining open question is why children were previously allowed to walk through the forest alone, communicate with Baba Yaga and where their mobile phones are.

Formula of Love (1984)

Mysticism and prestige, miracles of adventure, eternal questions to the universe - and no answers. The best illustration of the fact that love fever is not always good.

Ordinary Miracle (1978)

Even if the magician has long since settled down and retired, you won't lose your skill: once, and everything started spinning, as in the best fairy-tale times. And we are still ready to fall in love with a bear if he is Alexander Abdulov.

Operation Y and other adventures of Shurik (1965)

Excellent student, athlete and Komsomol member on blue screens.

Prisoner of the Caucasus or Shurik's New Adventures (1966)

Before you violate someone's matrimonial plans, you should think ten times. And then the mountain air starts to act extremely intoxicating!

Cinderella (1947)

Such magic does not lose its power even after seven decades: “It is very harmful not to go to the ball when you deserve it!” Ah, if everything in life were so simple.

Hello, I'm your aunt! (1975)

Those glorious times when dressing up as a woman was not yet anything reprehensible. Really, aunty?

The Adventures of the Yellow Briefcase (1970)

Don't worry, after this movie your kids will be afraid of doctors again! But to explain to them that diseases are not treated with sweets and a vile character is not corrected, you will have to work hard.

Treasure Island (1988)

Young Jim Hawkins uncovers a pirate plot, the pirates hunt for young Jim Hawkins, looking for treasure along the way and drinking rum in excess. The main thing here, of course, is the songs.

Big Change (1972)

Yes, adults also go to school. Buzz, hooligans, fall in love and loaf like children, but still manage to solve their adult problems.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: The Hound of the Baskervilles (1981)

The most beloved and most English of all the Holmes and Watson of all times and peoples are Livanov and Solomin. Apparently, the whole thing is innate aristocracy? You can start watching any episode from anywhere - pure joy.

12 chairs (1971)

The very first version of this adventurous story. By the way, Gaidai defended the candidacy of Archil Gomiashvili with the following argument: “So, Ostap’s father is a Turkish subject. Why shouldn't mom be Georgian?”

Carnival Night (1956)

A chance to learn to distinguish amateur art show and all sorts of bureaucratic stuff from real fun and collective inspiration. That's it, Comrade Ogurtsov.

Morozko (1964)

Now this film would be classified as a fantasy film. But you don’t have to brag without any restraint, then they won’t turn you into a bear, and Marfushenka-darling won’t be upset.

Evenings on a farm near Dikanka (1961)

The first and super-successful Soviet thriller.

Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors (1963)

As a child, we argued until we were hoarse - well, how can you not recognize a swirling blonde in a court page? But the fact remains, and the looking glass is saved from evil invaders thanks to two brave young maidens.

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