If your girlfriend loves cats: 14 tips for partners of cat lovers

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If your girlfriend loves cats: 14 tips for partners of cat lovers
If your girlfriend loves cats: 14 tips for partners of cat lovers

Noble triangle (or even more polygonal figure) - a man, a woman and her cat (cats). What to expect from this strange lady, whose clothes always have at least a little bit of cat hair on her clothes and who cannot calmly stay at your place for the night because "the cats are not fed"?

What should a cat lady partner know? 14 important facts

1. First, what is a "cat lady"?

A girl who has a cat? Two? Ten? Most "cat ladies" are ordinary people. Very few of them become antisocial old women who are complained about by neighbors.

2. If you dated before she got a cat…

And then she started it, and you are unhappy, that's nice. Let her know in advance that you are going to dictate your rules to her and prevent her from living the way she wants. And she wonders if she would want to let this guy around her cat.

3. She is proud of her cat

They have the same strong friendship as the man and the dog in Jack London's stories. Only they do not storm the snowy desert, but sit side by side on the couch and watch Fashion Sentence.

4. Don't be embarrassed that she tells the cat how her day went

It's okay.

5. Because a cat can seem more understanding than a man

And will not answer: "It's her own fault" if the hostess was rude on the bus.

6. A cat is generally a highly developed creature

Don't treat it like a sofa cushion (and then be surprised by the surprise in the boots).

7. Don't even mention that the owner of the cat spends too much on cat food

For her, it's like asking her if she spends too many meatballs on you.

8. Don't neglect cat he alth issues

A cat is not a doll: the mistress does not play care, she is really worried.

9. "Cat Lady" does not mean "enemy of dog lovers"

Perhaps a man who owns a dog and a woman who owns cats will have difficulties when they want to live together. And perhaps not. It depends on the individual characteristics of your animals, on whose territory they will meet, and many other factors. The negative meaning of the expression "they live like a cat and a dog" has been refuted many times.

10. It is believed that dog owners are more open, and cat owners are more introverted people

Like all stereotypes, it doesn't work 100% of the time. But it works in many.

11. She knows how to tell people who are allergic to cat hair from people who are "allergic to cats"

If you just don't want her to have a pet, don't pretend to be allergic: she'll figure it out.

12. Cats are not at all "ungrateful" or "stupid creatures" simply because they do not rush to meet you at the doorstep

They just have different ideas of good manners. If a cat likes you, she will come by herself when you stop embarrassing her with close attention.

13. If you and her cat liked each other - this is a fast way to her heart and other organs

It's like befriending her baby.

14. Maybe she is a witch and cats are her minions

But if you feel good with her, go to the dark side, we have cookies!

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