13 best compliments for a man

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13 best compliments for a man
13 best compliments for a man

Women aren't the only ones who want to hear they look good or are desirable.

Compliments to a man: 13 best confessions

I respect you

It is very important for a man to hear about respect, especially from his woman. He always wants to be confirmed that he is number one for you.

You are beautiful

Despite the common monkey comparison, men want to hear that they are attractive. And it's one thing when you say it before you go out together, and quite another when you see him off to work.

Thank you

Small gestures are sometimes neglected. For example, when he cleans up the house, even if you are not expecting guests. Whether he made coffee the way you like it or held the door open, thank him. This will show that you appreciate it, and he will want to do it for you again.

I trust you

The best time for revelations is before or during sex. The reason is simple: the level of oxytocin (the hormone responsible for feelings of affection and love) is increased. It is also a great moment to share with him what you want from your relationship, and be sure that these words will penetrate into his soul.

I'm with you

Tell him this more often so that he understands that he is not alone in the world, that you are in the same boat with him. Show him your support, show him that you appreciate the same as him. This will give your relationship even more reliability and trust.

I'm listening to you

In difficult times, men tend to be silent. When you notice this, don't bother him. Just show that you are there, and when he starts talking, don't interrupt him. Give him the opportunity to feel safe and that he does not have to be afraid of judgment if he is frank.

Good morning, I want you

May not be verbatim, but show him that you want intimacy with him. Preparation for evening sex begins in the morning. Don't be afraid to send him interesting messages all day long. He will understand, trust me.


It's simple: whether it was a bad quarrel or on business, but it should end with an apology. And it doesn't matter who is right. A couple of deep breaths, a sip of wine and offer him a way out of this difficult situation before the fight turns into something more grandiose.

You have great friends

Sometimes you would rather stay at home than trudge to meet his childhood friends. But they are part of his life, his past, so show that you appreciate and respect him entirely. Meeting his friends or family will allow you to see him through other people's eyes and remember how your relationship started.

You are so athletic

Finally he started going to the gym. Let six months later than promised - who cares? He is not Apollo yet, but this is no reason not to praise or support him. Especially since he does it partly for you. And don't forget about endorphins, which will only improve your sex life.

It was delicious

The primitive desire of a man is to drag prey to his woman. So even if his culinary skills are far from perfect, appreciate his intentions.

I'm proud of you

Men are often obsessed with evaluation from the outside. They are afraid to disappoint you. Tell him that he is the best and he will move mountains for you. He needs confirmation that he is doing well. Ask a man about the reasons for his depression, and you will most likely hear that he did not know what to do and for whom, that he did not see the need for his actions for the sake of his loved ones, because they did not care about him.

It's not your fault

We all have dark days when you want to get back at a man for having problems with your boss. Although at the same time you perfectly understand that the problem is not in your husband or partner. Therefore, explain to him what the problem is, and he will help you deal with it.

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