It's time to give up cans and mustard plasters! Advice from Dr. Komarovsky

It's time to give up cans and mustard plasters! Advice from Dr. Komarovsky
It's time to give up cans and mustard plasters! Advice from Dr. Komarovsky

About what's new in medicine over the past 20 years, and what methods of treatment should be adopted.

It's time to give up cans and mustard plasters! Advice from Dr. Komarovsky

Evgeny Olegovich Komarovsky, pediatrician, PhD, author of popular books and TV programs on children's he alth.


First of all, I would note new unique methods of laboratory diagnostics, especially in the field of infectious diseases, and a fundamentally different level of hardware examination - all these modern ultrasound machines, tomographs and endoscopes, equipment for nursing premature babies … Anesthesiology and surgery - endoscopic surgery, operations performed on children weighing 1 kg, as well as effective methods of treating oncohematological diseases…


The most important thing that happened in civilized medicine is the triumph of a fundamentally new approach, which is called "evidence-based medicine". A clear system for evaluating the effectiveness of drugs and treatments has been developed. Now no one is interested in the personal opinion of Professor Petrov or Academician Ivanov. Faith - only clinical studies. And what is more important - for the bulk of common diseases, very clear and understandable treatment regimens have been developed, which are called "protocols". The doctor diagnosed angina - there is a protocol for the treatment of angina, taking into account the age of the child.


The main and most harmful habit of our parents is the passion for drug treatment. From doctors quite often require pills! But in fact, the main thing in the treatment of a child is proper care, the creation of conditions under which it will be easy for the body to cope with the disease. It is necessary to refuse methods of distraction therapy: banks, mustard plasters, smearing with goat fat, soaring legs, etc. - all this is an imitation of activity, not a treatment for children, but a tick on the conscience of parents who pretend to be treated.

It's time to wean from the almost always unnecessary bed rest, from the absence of walks for a month (“he coughed 2 times yesterday”), from stuffing food into the child, from excess clothing.


The most successful "Soviet method" is a district pediatrician who came home to a sick child. Not a single, even the richest, capitalist country can afford this!


Learn! Remember that parents are able to influence the he alth of children to a much greater extent than all pediatricians combined. “No” to overfeeding and overheating! Physical activity. Strict control of the use of gadgets and TV viewing - a maximum of 2 hours of screen time per day.

Restriction of sweets. Vaccinations. Control of air parameters (cleanliness, temperature, humidity) everywhere - at home, at school, in kindergarten. Be interested in medicines and not spend money on fuflomycins - “immunity enhancers”, “dysbacteriosis winners”, etc. If a child gets sick - a minimum of medicines, patience, a smile, optimism, fresh air, a bucket of compote and food according to appetite.

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