15 Insanely Funny and True Parenting Comics

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15 Insanely Funny and True Parenting Comics
15 Insanely Funny and True Parenting Comics

Brian Gordon draws cartoons. He is also a father of two, so he always has a source of inspiration for comics.

15 Insanely Funny And True Parenting Comics

He publishes them on the Fowl Language website, www.fowllanguagecomics.com. There are occasional swear words in his comics, but this is the exception, and most of his drawings are cute and innocent.

Brian draws on all sorts of topics, but it's the stories of parents and children that have made him so popular with parents all over the world.

"Most of my comics are autobiographical," he says. “I have two kids, ages 4 and 7, and I often draw new comics in hot pursuit.”

Today he shared 15 of his comics. They are truly funny precisely because of their truthfulness.

Let's start with "That's what it's called to be a parent."

Brian says he captures the essence of the entire series: "Being a parent is sometimes such a burden and hard labor that if it didn't bring as much joy as it does, there would hardly be so many people on Earth."

And it's true.

We hope you enjoy Brian's stories as much as we do.

Brian Gordon's comics are good because they are ironic and there is no boring parenting advice or judgment. Only the reality of life with children that we all face every day.

Gordon joked about the worst parenting advice he ever received: “I remember how I was sleepy, tired and exhausted, hurriedly finishing a sandwich, standing over a stroller with a month old son. I hurried to finish chewing while the kid caught his breath to scream again. Some compassionate woman came up to me and pathetically said: “You should enjoy these moments. While they are small, it’s so easy with them!” It was the worst thing I could hear then. I wanted to curl up right there on the asph alt and sob uncontrollably.”

Which of us hasn't received such inappropriate advice? That's why Gordon's comics are so popular. They allow you to laugh heartily at topics common to all parents.

Now, after Gordon was fired from his job (18 he drew postcards for the Hallmark company), his cartoonist hobby has become the only source of income. Fans and admirers of his work can visit his website www.fowllanguagecomics.com and support the author with any, even a small donation.

As Gordon himself says, laughing: "Two kids want something to eat every day."

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