What a dog selfie stick looks like. And can you chew it?

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What a dog selfie stick looks like. And can you chew it?
What a dog selfie stick looks like. And can you chew it?

Do you love to take pictures of your handsome dog, but he always appears in profile photos?

What does a dog selfie stick look like? And can you chew it?

Really, you can't say to a dog: "Look, a bird is about to fly out." That is, you can say something, but what's the point of it? Muzzle bitch, eyes to the side.

Jason Hernandez, the owner of Clever Dog Products, an American pet products company, loves animals himself and has apparently often faced the challenge of getting his dog to look at the camera. As a result, he invented a smartphone gadget that helps you take beautiful pictures with your pet.

No, this is not a selfie stick. This is a smartphone toy holder.

A special clothespin is hung on your phone, and your model's favorite ball is fixed in it. Or not a ball, but a plush rat that is so worn out that it's time to throw it away, but your hand doesn't rise - the weight of the dog loves it so much.

The new device is ironically called Pooch Selfie - a selfie of a pooch or a selfie with sponges in a bow.

Now you can draw your dog's attention to the camera and take great pictures. True, Hernandez honestly warns that it all depends on the temperament of the dog itself: “If you have a mobile puppy who can’t sit still for a second, don’t expect a miracle.”

The inventor of the gadget reminds you that after you take a picture, do not forget to reward the dog by giving him this toy.

The new gadget will go on sale from December and will be compatible with most popular smartphones and tablets.

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