Our old parents. Why is no news good news for them?

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Our old parents. Why is no news good news for them?
Our old parents. Why is no news good news for them?

Insensibly, our parents become quite old. They get offended when we don't call every day, they forget what they did ten minutes ago and where they put their scarf and TV guide.

Our old parents. Why is no news good news for them?

Sasha Galitsky is an Israeli artist who has been leading creative circles for the very elderly in nursing homes for many years in Israel. Galitsky is going to release the book "Mom, Don't Cry", which tells about how to properly communicate with elderly parents and not go crazy. We publish an excerpt from it.

"What are the performance characteristics of the average person after 80?

You know, usually terrible. He does not hear well, sees, sleeps, has difficulty walking both in general and in the restroom in particular.

Here Baba Maria brought work to the next exhibition of achievements:

- Why this old dusty wooden squirrel from last year, it was already on display last year!

- And my hands cannot rise above this squirrel to remove it from a carnation on the wall, is the answer.

Think about what Baba Maria just said. Got it?

Do you know how long it takes a person on a walker to walk 25 meters down a hallway, take the elevator down and walk another 25 meters? 20 minutes.

"Twenty minutes Carl!!!" would have been written on Facebook.

Therefore, when you meet in the morning a grumbling, dissatisfied and offended by the universe (in your face) creature, the first thing to do is not take it personally.

This is not about you. You just got caught on a hot crutch.

- Yosef can you smile?

- I can, but now I don’t feel like something.

- My wife wants to buy me a walker, - grandfather Yosef continues to think aloud, - but I have never fallen. Maybe wait until I fall? Or maybe I'm just being mean?

The main thing is to hold on to straws. The main thing is routine. Despite everything. It doesn't matter that day by day it gets harder.

But it is necessary to continue the entire list of daily activities, the day must be filled as usual, as always. Routine is life.

Why do they need us? Very simple. By ourselves, we will convert their negative energy into positive energy due to our kinetic energy.

The more I ran around - brought, put, moved, laughed, lifted, helped, joked - the mood gets better.

What seems absurd to us - well, for example, talking about nothing with her mother every night on the phone - in fact, for her, this is the only source of positive energy.

Thank God there is no news today - my working day begins in the retirement home sculpture studio.

I'm surrounded by old boobies with knives in their hands.

One more time. No negative emotions. Only positiff.

Know news - good news.

Here you can pre-order Sasha Galitsky's book "Mom, don't cry!"

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