3D-musical "Pola Negri" returns to Moscow

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3D-musical "Pola Negri" returns to Moscow
3D-musical "Pola Negri" returns to Moscow

The incredible 3D show "Pola Negri" returns to Moscow. The second season of the musical, the technology of which has not yet been repeated in any country in the world, starts on October 29. "Pola Negri" is unique not only for its technical details, but also for the fact that it combines virtual reality with live theater!

3D musical "Pola Negri" returns to Moscow

The spectators have already got used to the 3D picture in the cinema and the need to wear special glasses, but why are they in the theater? Actors after all and without this enough voluminous! 3D theater is gaining its place on the stage! Spectators of "Pola Negri" definitely need special glasses. Only in them you can see a new dimension of the theater. The dimension of freedom. It is possible to throw a hero into the mouth of a volcano or burst onto the stage with the entire 1st Cavalry Army at the behest of a computer projection. An amazing symbiosis of theater and cinema. The virtual theater is making its first but very confident steps.

Janusz Józefowicz (director of the musical “Pola Negri”):“I was only doing 3D development for a year and a half. He made a special trip to America. I was sure that something similar was already being done there. It turned out - no one! Moreover, no one combined 3D with the theater. It occurred to me that we need to position the 3D projector at the back so that the audience is looking at the actors and there is an image behind them. I called London, which makes the most powerful 3D projectors in the world - and again, no one knows anything. We came up with something, tested it on a sheet, looked at it ourselves, examined it - it turned out. Now the audience no longer understands where reality ends and what is an attraction. Our Pola Negri travels in space and time: she drives a car through the streets of New York in the 20s, and Harold Lloyd sits behind the wheel. Airplanes, airships and ocean liners appear on the scene”

The main scenery of the musical "Pola Negri" is a screen as high as a three-story building. And two dozen changes of locations that occur in a split second are his merit. And the fact that the stage tells the tragic fate of an actress who lost everything with the advent of sound cinema is an excellent allegory. Maybe the 3D musical "Pola Negri" is a prototype of the theater of the future, which will change this genre beyond recognition.

Gosha Kutsenko (performer of the role of Ernst Lubitsch): “This is the future of theater, both dramatic and musical. But the question is not how to do all this, but how you can combine all this new so that the viewer does not lose interest in the theater. In addition to pictures, there will also be live horses.

There is a scene where leaves are flying and horses are walking across the stage. And the audience reaction is always the same. “Damn, they recorded the horses, but the leaves are real!” And then you begin to understand that the leaf falls right on you and it is huge. Where can you find such a real one. Well, the horses are just the most alive. And this illusion is the most beautiful that can be in the theater for the viewer. I am so used to these illusions that I simply cannot live without them. And when I go to some theater to see a performance, I immediately look for a screen on the stage. Are you playing the 17th century and without a screen? What are you doing? Who will believe you?

It is necessary to follow the technologies and change yourself, learn something, master something new. That's what an artist really is. In general, come to Paula Negri. You will love it.”

In this production there is a place for drama, and, most importantly, their bet, despite the amazing 3D effects, is made on the actress. To the main character. After all, the leading lady cannot be replaced, her image is so important throughout the musical.

Pola Negri's Story

Pola Negri was born in a small Polish town and made a dizzying career. Starting from the theatrical stage, she got into the cinema and gained worldwide fame. She was called the first sex symbol of Hollywood, and the press relished the details of how she resigned to Charlie Chaplin himself. However, the beautiful Pola Negri never found her happiness.

Her only love, film-obsessed director Ernst Lubitsch, never became her "destiny". Engagement with the brilliant Rudolph Valentino and marriage with the Georgian prince Sergei Mdivani does not bring happiness. And trouble does not come alone. The advent of sound cinema was a difficult test for the actress. Even Paula Negri's personal star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a great voice did not save her. Americans are shocked by the Polish accent with which their favorite speaks and it seems that the career of the once famous actress is heading towards the end…

Starring theater and film stars: Gosha Kutsenko, Maxim Leonidov, Boris Smolkin, Svetlana Wilhelm-Plashchevskaya, Teona Dolnikova, Natasha Urbanska, Albert Zhalilov, Valery Kukhareshin, Alexander Ronis, Elena Zabrodina, Elena Ternovaya, Alexey Falileev and others.

3D show-musical POLA NEGRI, on the stage of the THEATER OF THE RUSSIAN ARMY. Come for an incredible experience!

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