Mother-in-law burns! 7 real stories, chilling blood

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Mother-in-law burns! 7 real stories, chilling blood
Mother-in-law burns! 7 real stories, chilling blood

“How to improve relations with the mother-in-law?”, “The mother-in-law got it - what should I do?”, “Girls, there is no more strength to endure the mother-in-law!” - know what it is? That's right, these are the titles of topics on popular women's forums. Millions of women are looking for the answer to a simple question: how to tame his mom? Our editors are no exception - we are also looking for him and will definitely write an article about it. But for now, we're going to give you a good scare. Below you will read real stories from the series "War of the daughter-in-law and mother-in-law". Why do you need this? Well, how - to sympathize with the sisters in misfortune. And be glad that yours is not like that.

Mother-in-law burns! 7 real stories, chilling blood


I am a vegetarian and my husband eats meat but cooks it himself. The mother-in-law was indignant at this fact for a very long time, several times defiantly came to visit with meat and cooked it herself, saying that I was an armless egoist. Then it dawned on her: I probably just don’t know how to cook meat, but I invent everything about vegetarianism so as not to embarrass myself. She called and said that she would come to visit and teach me how to cook a dish that very few people know how to cook. And after that I will become a direct chef, any meat dish will be nothing to me. And she arrived. She opened the package and poked a rabbit carcass in my face. With fur paw. Like, a real rabbit, not a cat. Yes, I realized that the real one - Lavrenty has been living with me for five years, my favorite, smart as a dog. Rabbit, of course.


My mother-in-law is a very honest woman: right on the wedding day she showed what to expect from her. At first, she insisted on a stupid "bride price", although we did not plan anything like that. When I left the apartment, my mother-in-law looked over my shoulder and asked loudly: “Where is the bride at all ?!” It was a reaction to my dress - a very beautiful sea-green summer dress that opens the knees. Without a veil, of course. In the registry office, my mother shed a tear, and my mother-in-law hissed at her: there’s nothing, they say, to shed tears, she should cry, her only beloved man was taken away from her. And immediately howled. In full voice. Like at a funeral.

In the restaurant, the presenter announced the first dance of the newlyweds. The mother-in-law jumped up with a mouthful of salad and grabbed the groom's hand. She finished chewing and announced that he should dance the first dance with his mother. I have never felt so stupid before. So when she asked the photographer to take a family photo and kindly asked me to get out of the frame, I really got out. At all. Just left. I took a bottle of brandy from the table, called a friend and we drank it in the park next to the restaurant. The groom found me there and dragged my mother-in-law - he thought I needed her apologies. But she said, “What did I do?”


My husband and I did not meet for long before the wedding - only six months. Mother-in-law, having learned about the wedding, threw me a scandal. She screamed that I wanted to get “from rags to riches” at her expense, came in large numbers from the village and got pregnant from a Muscovite in order to squeeze out an apartment. And I "came in large numbers" from St. Petersburg and was not pregnant at all. And in the next 10 years of our life together, I never got pregnant, because we wanted to live together. Naturally, my mother-in-law told everyone that I was a “barren flower” and her poor son was doomed to remain childless. She was upset that he was not smart enough to get himself a mistress who would give birth to him.

Then my husband and I decided to become parents, a girl was born - naturally my copy. And just a few months later it turned out that I was pregnant again and - oh, horror! - twins. The pregnancy was not easy - I have a very small child in my arms, and my mother-in-law walks and says: “What do you think? You don’t feel sorry for my boy, you give birth like a yard cat, and he has to feed you all, parasites! In general, her husband forbade her to approach me until the birth. Boys were born, unusually similar to dad. When we celebrated their first birthday, my mother-in-law took me to the kitchen and whispered that now I should wash her feet and drink water. Because she did bring a gift to my daughter too and even kissed her even though she was disgusted. And she will not tell my husband yet that her daughter is not from him. If I behave well, yeah.


Everyone in my family is prone to gaining excess weight, I have never been a reed either. After marriage, I began to gain weight and somehow imperceptibly gained a lot. Well, I decided that I needed to lose weight, but rightly so - I started counting calories and going to the gym. A year later, I lost weight, but now it seemed that this was not enough - I wanted a beautiful, embossed body. It is clear that it is more convenient to sculpt muscles with the help of special sports nutrition. At that moment, the mother-in-law was blown away. She began to roll up scandals to me and my husband. She said that I would turn into a man and I couldn’t give birth, because I had already poisoned my body and could only give birth to a disabled person.

I got pregnant and the ultrasound told me that the baby most likely has Down syndrome. All the signs are there, and the chance that this is a mistake is very small. Mother-in-law had a holiday. She ran to all relatives, friends and neighbors and told them this news, adding: “Well, I told you!” She demanded that I agree to an artificial birth. My husband and I cut off all communication with her, of course. The child was born absolutely he althy. It's just that in me and in my relatives - almost five kilograms weighed. The uzist doctor made a mistake, took the folds as a characteristic sign of the syndrome. But the child has only one grandmother, of course. My mom.


When I got pregnant, my mother-in-law immediately started telling me what not to do. You can't raise your hands, you can't take a bath, you can't do this, you can't do that. And most importantly, he says - in no case do not kick the dog, otherwise the child will be born without legs. Better hit him with a slipper. I have an old Japanese chin, it weighs 2.5 kilograms. We usually left him with my mother-in-law if we had to leave. I cried for three days imagining her kicking him.


I have a daughter from my first marriage. The second mother-in-law was very happy about this. Not because she fell in love with my daughter, and not because she wanted grandchildren for a long time, but because it is very convenient: I can give birth and immediately go to work, I don’t need a nanny, my daughter will do as a babysitter. And you can study at school and externally, what are the problems? But I didn’t give birth to anyone, and in principle, we somehow didn’t grow together with our second husband. Filed for divorce. The mother-in-law came and said that my apartment, bought before this marriage, should be divided in half with my husband. Because I - all of a sudden! She was not a virgin when she got married. Why the boy morally suffered and now needs compensation. Any court will side with him, so I'd better give everything in a good way, yes, yes.


I got pneumonia a couple of years ago. The mother-in-law came to the hospital with some kind of bag and asked where they had a microwave. I said. I thought she brought me homemade broth. But the mother-in-law did not return. Then an angry nurse came into the ward and asked who this aunt came to see. It turned out that my mother-in-law brought a bag of horse manure and planned to warm it up and put it on my chest. Absolutely reliable tool. Although a cow would be better, of course, but where can you find it in Moscow? In general, I tried to sign out on receipt - it was so embarrassing. They didn't let go, of course. The doctor on the round read Filatov with feeling: “Try the hare droppings, he is vigorous, he will get through …”

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