10 Romantic Movies Proving True Love Conquers All

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10 Romantic Movies Proving True Love Conquers All
10 Romantic Movies Proving True Love Conquers All

Whatever it is - complex, beautiful, inaccessible - love is able to overcome all obstacles in its path, leaving lovers with a feeling of happiness. We found 10 films that prove that only love is not subject to the vicissitudes of fate.

10 romantic movies that prove true love conquers all


Notting Hill

Love can happen even where you don't expect it at all. This happened to the owner of a small bookstore, when a world-famous star came to him with fees that this man could only dream of. And now two different people living in completely different worlds - a modest guy and a famous actress - once met to understand a simple thing: love is a feeling for which there are no conventions, no rules and no barriers. You just have to love.


Only love can do anything, even save a person. The main character of the film, Elizabeth, gets into a terrible accident, as a result of which she falls into a deep coma. The girl's relatives have almost lost hope for her recovery, but David intervenes in the family tragedy, who began to see Elizabeth. While none of the people around him believe David, he tries to find out the true reason for what is happening, falling more and more in love with the ghostly Elizabeth.


Another film that proves to the audience that everyone is subject to love. Nobody can hide from her. And financial tycoon Edward Lewis, a lover of one-time love, is faced with the obvious: behind the beautiful appearance of a random girl Vivien hides a wonderful world full of honesty, charm and simplicity. Can love overcome social differences and connect two hearts? Of course!


Jonathan and Sarah, having met one day in the middle of the Christmas turmoil, decide to test fate: he writes his phone number on a banknote, she - in a book. The banknote is exchanged, and the book is handed over. The young couple is sure that they will see each other again soon. But you can't play with love, because it can turn out very differently.


High school students Roma and Katya are so in love with each other that one can only envy their feelings! But the happiness of first love is greatly overshadowed by obstacles that are specially adjusted by adults who seek to “protect” the children from all sorrows. But is it possible to predict fate?


Henry's sweet guy gets a rare stroke of luck: he meets the girl of his dreams, and on the same day he manages to achieve mutual sympathy! True, there is one nuance in this story that almost ruined a great love - Lucy suffers from memory loss and the next morning after they met, she does not remember Henry. But the main character does not give up and decides to win Lucy's love every day, even if it takes a lifetime.


Love is when you remain true not only to yourself, but also to your love. Even if everything goes against it, true love always fights, proving every minute that after the rain there will definitely be sun. This is what happened to Cecilia and Robbie: two young people became victims of the imagination of a little girl. The fact is that little Briony has a talent for writing wonderful plays, but one day a fatal mistake becomes a reason for separation. When Cousin Brioni becomes the victim of a rapist, the young writer points to Robbie. A guy goes to jail to serve a sentence for an imperfect crime, and his lover refuses to believe in lies and betrayal.


Love is not measured by time, it is unconditional and eternal. It is this truth that two people who were once in love with each other forgot. Each of them lived a life, but not at all the one he dreamed of. Fate gives them a second chance to change everything. Will they take the chance? Can love overcome everything?


All his life the main character of the film Vasily loved one and only woman. The one who married another, gave birth to children and is now raising grandchildren. The latter jokingly call Vasily "grandmother's fiancé." And every year, on January 6, he runs from work to knock on her door and wish her a happy birthday. But one day everything happens the other way around…

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