Epilation of the bikini area at home

Epilation of the bikini area at home
Epilation of the bikini area at home

Not every woman dares to go to the salon for epilation of the bikini zone. Is it possible to do high-quality epilation of the bikini area at home and which method of hair removal should I choose?

Epilation of the bikini area at home

Perhaps the perfect method of hair removal has not yet been invented. Each of the methods - regardless of whether you do it at home or in a beauty salon - has its pros and cons. Regardless of the method chosen, there are several characteristics of the correct bikini hair removal at home. Firstly, the hair must be removed with high quality (we all need perfect smoothness, otherwise why all this torment?) Secondly, the procedure should be as painless as possible. Of course, you still have to suffer a little, but your efforts will be rewarded with a worthy result. Thirdly, it is important to learn how to avoid ingrown hairs, as well as reduce irritation and inflammation.


  1. Razor. The most painless way to get your intimate area in order. Quick and easy, but not very effective, because in a couple of days spiky hairs will begin to grow. Although this method is great if you do not have regular sex and want to do bikini hair removal at home in just one time.
  2. Depilation cream. It is done with a special depilatory cream and spatula. Not suitable for everyone - you can find a lot of reviews about the inefficiency of this method.
  3. Epilator. Allows you to get rid of unwanted hair for a long time, as it simply pulls them out by the root. The main disadvantage of this method is severe pain, especially where there are so many nerve endings, and the skin is very tender and sensitive. Epilators with a cooling effect, as well as using the device on steamed skin, help relieve discomfort.
  4. Wax. An effective method, which we will discuss in more detail below. To reduce pain, the skin must first be cleaned and cooled. For some, the pain of at-home bikini waxing is unbearable - it all depends on your pain threshold, you need to try.
  5. Shugaring or sugar hair removal. The sugar mixture is applied against hair growth, and removed according to growth. The method is suitable for sensitive skin and does not cause inflammation. Additionally, you can add lemon juice and chamomile infusion to sugar - this will help make the procedure more enjoyable.


Wax strips are commonly used for this method. Apply hot wax to dry skin. Wax strips should be stuck on the growth of hairs, and removed - with a sharp and quick movement against it.

After the procedure, the skin must be treated again (for example, with an alcohol solution or chlorhexidine) to avoid inflammation. Then lubricate the epilation area with a soothing lotion or nourishing cream. Remove excess wax with vegetable oil.


Doing a deep bikini hair removal on your own is not very convenient for obvious reasons. The best home methods in this case are waxing and sugaring, as well as traditional hair plucking with tweezers.

Deep bikini hair removal at home should be done very carefully so as not to damage sensitive skin and not to infect possible wounds. By the way, remember that women especially feel pain before the onset of menstruation, but on the 7th-8th day of the cycle, the pain threshold becomes lower - this is the best time for the procedure.

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