10 must-haves for your fall wardrobe

10 must-haves for your fall wardrobe
10 must-haves for your fall wardrobe

This year the legendary English brand with more than a century of history Marks & Spencer celebrates its 10th anniversary on the Russian market. Affordable prices, the highest quality of goods and services have become the key to the success of the brand both in Russia and around the world. Famous Margaret Thatcher, Lady Diana, Victoria Beckham and Tony Blair confessed their love for this brand.

10 must-haves for your fall wardrobe

How often women with the beginning of the new season are faced with the problem of "nothing to wear again." It seems to us that some things are no longer fashionable, others are simply out of order, others are tired. Marks & Spencer designers are always ready to help with this problem. After all, the new collection of the legendary brand combines incredible functionality, elegant design and high-quality fabrics. In it you will definitely find something that will appeal not only to you, but also to your whole family.

Highlights of the season

Marks & Spencer has never chased trends, relying on quality, simplicity and versatility. But each collection certainly reflects the most current trends of the current season. For example, bright retro looks have become one of the main sources of inspiration when creating the autumn-winter collection. Here you can find elements of bohemian style of the 70s, such as bell-bottoms, ponchos, blouses with bows, suede boots and fringe bags. The romantic 60s is represented by miniskirts, A-line coats, briefcases, loafers and graphic prints.

Not deviating from its traditions, the new collection also features classic pieces for all time. They will form the basis of your wardrobe. The design of each item is verified to the smallest detail, which is why all of them are perfectly combined with each other, allowing you to create many original images. But still, we can single out the 3 most iconic things of this season, which should definitely "settle" in the wardrobe of every woman.

Robe coat

A smart coat is a major fashion investment this fall. An absolutely classic coat cut is presented in the most relevant this season soft pink color. You can wear it with feminine dresses and high boots or ankle boots, as well as with simple jeans and sneakers.

Leather skirt

Skirts from Marks & Spencer are ready to transform your figure like magic. Here innovative technologies come to the aid of women. The original lining hides inserts that tighten the stomach and lift the buttocks, forming a slim and seductive silhouette. We are confident that the Marks & Spencer skirt will become your favorite wardrobe item.

Maxi dress

Influenced by the bohemian style of the 70s, luxurious long flowy dresses have returned to our wardrobes this fall. They can become part of the everyday look if worn with fur vests, leather jackets or even sheepskin coats. Complete the outfit with a hat, suede boots and a fringed bag and no one will doubt your excellent taste.

Trend of the season - layering

Concise silhouettes and soft fabrics allow you to create fashionable layered looks. Even this trend was approached by Marks & Spencer designers with the practicality characteristic of the brand. Firstly, just a couple of things will help you create unique looks for all occasions every day. Just mix new things with what you already have in your wardrobe according to the weather and mood. Basic things to create such a layered outfit can be, for example, a jumper, a jacket and a poncho or cape.

Discounts and gifts from Marks & Spencer

To express appreciation and gratitude to its customers, Marks & Spencer is giving a special discount on the basic items of the autumn-winter collection. Now you can update your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Also, you can enter the contest by answering the quiz "Find out what style suits you?" by posting the results of the test and the answer to the question "What things will you definitely buy if you win a certificate?" in the comments. Three winners, according to Marks & Spencer and the editorial staff of Domashny Ochag magazine, will receive certificates worth 10,000 rubles for purchases in brand stores.

Quest "Which style suits you?"

1. How often do you buy clothes?

a. only when needed, usually once or twice a year

b. I usually buy a couple of fashion pieces to complement my existing basic wardrobe

v. every season I try to update my wardrobe to keep up with fashion trends

2. What clothes do you usually wear?

a. Sleek and classic pieces that will never go out of style

b. comfy pieces that go well together and still look feminine and stylish

c. feminine pieces with colorful floral or graphic prints and simple silhouettes

3. What do you wear to work?

a. I have a fairly strict dress code in my office

b. usually casual wear with simple cuts and discreet colors

v. I am a creative person, I can wear anything I want

4. Image of which star do you like?

a. Kate Middleton

b. Jessica Alba

v. Kate Moss

5. What accessories do you prefer to wear?

a. pearls, elegant discreet jewelry, laconic shoes (ballet shoes, pumps), briefcases

b. versatile bags and jewelry, comfortable shoes, they can be worn both day and night

v. capacious bags, hats, voluminous scarves and shawls, large jewelry - I love accessories!

6. What colors do you have in your wardrobe?

a. solid colors - black, white, deep blue and red

b. pastels are not very bright colors that blend easily with each other

v. natural neutrals - khaki, olive, terracotta, sand and brown

7. What flavors do you prefer?

a. bright oriental and spicy

b. fresh citrus fruits

v. light floral

8. Who are you usually inspired by?

a. classic movie actors

b. my friends, passers-by and fashion bloggers

v. models from glossy magazines and fashion shows

9. What fabrics and textures do you prefer?

a. natural - cotton, silk, woolen gabardine

b. soft and cozy - cashmere, corduroy, thin jersey

v. luxury - chiffon, suede, velvet, lace

10. What is your favorite dress?

a. little black

b. comfortable jersey

v. flowery romantic

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