Anniversary at the Kuklachev Theater

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Anniversary at the Kuklachev Theater
Anniversary at the Kuklachev Theater

The Kuklachev Theater is 25 years old! The Theater celebrated its anniversary with the premiere of Dynasty, a new production based on the best performances of all time. All members of the Kuklachev family, artists of the Theater and 35 cats took part in the colorful performance!

Anniversary at the Kuklachev Theater!

In 25 years, 25 performances were staged at the Theater, about 9000 performances were given, which were watched by more than 1 million people.

According to Yuri Kuklachev, the secret of success is in the right approach. “Everyone is trying to train a cat, but I realized that cats are the same individuals as people. Therefore, I watch them, see how they like to play, and insert this game into the performance. I turned the unconditioned feline reflex into a conditioned one. They do what they like at my command.”

Kuklachev's case gave creative realization not only to Yuri himself, but also to his family: all three children work in the Theater. 4 generations of cats work in the play "Dynasty", descendants of the cat Strelka, the famous first cat of Yuri Kuklachev!

The premiere screening of "Dynasty" was held in a charity format, children from orphanages were invited to it, and the whole performance was accompanied by laughter and applause. Soon the performance will be included in the repertoire of the theater and everyone will be able to watch it!

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