Girl with vitiligo is preparing to win the beauty pageant

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Girl with vitiligo is preparing to win the beauty pageant
Girl with vitiligo is preparing to win the beauty pageant

Classmates mocked her appearance throughout her school years, but this did not break her spirit.

A girl with vitiligo is preparing to win a beauty contest

Many of us find it difficult to love our body and feel irresistible, but what is it like to live with features that have been pointed fingers at for most of your life?

At 12, Englishwoman Laura Gregory was diagnosed with vitiligo, a chronic discoloration of the skin. Her entire body was gradually covered with white spots of various sizes and shapes. For years, her classmates teased her as a cur and thought it was very witty to ask why she was so inept at using suntan?

When she was 27, Laura decided to enter a beauty pageant. But she was so embarrassed about her skin that she constantly masked the spots with various cosmetics. She went through several qualifying competitions and reached the semi-finals. After that, she did the unthinkable. She gave up concealing makeup.

"I've decided to stop hiding what I've been ashamed of all my life. If I am destined to win, then I want to win with all my features, and not as an embellished version of myself, she said in an interview. “I've been insecure all my life, but that hasn't stopped me. Be afraid, but do - was my motto. Now that I've done that too, I'm not afraid anymore.”

Well then. It seems to have worked. Laura Gregory took first place in the semi-finals of the Miss Great Britain beauty pageant. And it is one of the top five contenders for the crown. She seems to have every chance of winning.

Anyway, she's already done a lot. It would be interesting to look at the faces of all those who called her a cur.

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