Gluck'oZu criticized for bare chest

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Gluck'oZu criticized for bare chest
Gluck'oZu criticized for bare chest

Recently, on Instagram, the singer posted a photo in which her breasts are clearly visible. Celebrity fans criticized her for such a deep neckline.

Gluk'oZu criticized for bare chest

Singer Gluk'oZa regularly posts pictures in revealing outfits and ambiguous poses on Instagram. The artist in a recent interview Cosmopolitan said that her husband, businessman Alexander Chistyakov, reacts quite calmly to his wife's publicity. According to the celebrity, her husband often becomes the author of these candid photos.

One of the last shots of Gluk'oZa, which caused a controversial reaction from fans, was a photo of a star from another social event. The singer is wearing a red cocktail dress Ester Abner with a plunging neckline. As subscribers noted, the artist’s chest is almost completely bare. Many of the users of the social network praised the young mother for her excellent appearance and fit figure, and some criticized her for being vulgar.

One of the photos from this evening, which shows how Anita Tsoi looks in surprise at the deep neckline of Gluk'oZa's dress, the celebrity herself commented as follows: “The evening is getting farther, neckline deeper and deeper." And the singer decided not to react to sharp remarks and criticism from her fans.

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