Sexual mistakes we all make

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Sexual mistakes we all make
Sexual mistakes we all make

Don't let yourself ruin your night of love and heed these tips: some of them will surely surprise you, and following them will please you.

20 mistakes in sex that each of us makes
  1. You don't take time for yourself. Women constantly take care of children, friends and family, but too rarely - about themselves. And then they wonder why sex does not bring them joy. Be a little selfish - whether it's a trip to the gym, an exciting book, or a visit to a beautician, it should bring satisfaction to you and only you.
  2. You don't love your body. Cellulite, varicose veins or stretch marks are no reason to be embarrassed. Ideal people do not exist. Most likely, your man does not even suspect what exactly you are dissatisfied with and loves you for who you are. Take a cue from him.
  3. You don't tell your partner what you want in sex.
  4. You don't flirt with him during the day and you don't have anticipation at night.
  5. You are the victim of a "classic date" at a restaurant. Eat a lot, drink a lot - what kind of sex is there, I wouldn’t fall asleep. Do the opposite: order food delivery, have sex, and then eat together.
  6. You are embarrassed to use lubricants so that a man does not think that something is wrong with you. We assure you, not only do men not worry about this topic, they, on the contrary, are happy to have sex with lubrication of any origin.
  7. You are shy about oral sex. And by the way, men love not only to receive oral caresses, but also to give them to you. We are no longer in the 18th century, and you can do this without a second thought. By the way, this applies to back thoughts in exactly the same way.
  8. You avoid eye contact. If you don't do this with your partner throughout the day, you are depriving yourself of a powerful arousal tool.
  9. You are too shy to speak dirty. If this is not acceptable to you, at least start speaking more frankly, without using forbidden words. So “pull my nipples” sounds a lot sexier than “you, that, uh, could, well… right there… you understand?”
  10. You are in a hurry to move on to frictions. Meanwhile, a good long foreplay increases the sensitivity of your body and reduces the risk of injury to the vagina or penis.
  11. You keep pictures of your parents in the bedroom. Remove. Even casually looking at your parents' faces can make you feel like you're doing something reprehensible.
  12. You expect your partner to be like a pioneer always ready. It is not always that a man wants you will be immediately indicated by a strong erection. It may come in a few minutes. No need to rush, then there will be no disappointments.
  13. You have sex in painful positions. Even if doggy style is your husband's favorite position, you don't have to swallow tears of pain every time. Sex is about pleasure for two.
  14. You are too serious. Don't forget your sense of humor. Sex in real life doesn't happen like it does in the movies, and if you're tangled up in each other's underpants, there's no need to hold back your laughter.
  15. You are too focused on orgasm. Will - will not? So you will never get it. A woman needs to relax her brain for it to come, it's nature's way.
  16. You don't masturbate. With a partner or even alone. It keeps you hooked on sex.
  17. You fake an orgasm. As a result, the man will think that he is doing everything right, and henceforth you will only have what to imitate.
  18. You haven't tried anything new for a long time. It's not just about sex, but about general new experiences that you haven't had in a long time.
  19. You expect yourself to have a quick orgasm and get frustrated if it doesn't come. Normally, a male orgasm occurs after 5 minutes of friction, and a female - after 20.
  20. You forget to go to the bathroom before sex and it distracts you during it.

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