4 ways to tie him to you without him even noticing

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4 ways to tie him to you without him even noticing
4 ways to tie him to you without him even noticing

We will not bewitch the poor fellow with virgin blood and chicken giblets, because we know other - psychological - tricks! Use them to make your man always dream of only one woman - you, of course.

4 ways to tie him to you without him even noticing

Psychologists dealing with the issue of relations between a man and a woman argue that there are emotional anchors - this is a certain stimulus that causes positive or negative emotions. The stimulus can be smells, sights, sounds, or touch.

How to tie a man to you: psychological tricks


Remember how many jokes are made up about a bad wife. Usually she appears a little broken: an old dressing gown, calluses on all fingers and an untidy hairline area. And therefore, every time we talk about something grumpy, she immediately stands before our eyes - with a frying pan in one hand and a screaming baby in the other. Therefore, feel free to use a visual anchor to create in the mind of your beloved man that bright image to which he will return every day.

For example, you can arrange a wonderful romantic surprise evening for your loved one when you appear before him in a seductive dress or underwear. A good mood and a lot of nice words addressed to him are the obligatory attributes of such an evening.

The next time he sees this dress or lingerie on you, he will immediately relax, realize that life is beautiful and he has the best and most beautiful woman.


When you see grandmothers near your entrance, what is immediately reproduced in your head? Of course, “oh, Masha the prostitute has gone!” or “But Vitka is a drug addict! Look, his light was on all night.” These voices run through your head, and grandmothers may be silent, but we know what they are thinking.

The auditory anchor is one of the most powerful in psychology. How to psychologically bind a man to yourself? Think about it, you probably have "your song" that takes you back to the beginning of your romantic relationship. Create "your playlist"! Play a specific song while you coo in the bathroom or have breakfast while talking non-stop. The next time he hears this song without you, he will remember you and call or write an SMS with the words: “Honey, I missed you so much!”


Kinestatic anchors include petting, stroking, kissing and, of course, sex. It is very easy to "anchor" a man, just by making a few movements in your sex. How to bind a man to yourself? For example, immediately after sex, stroke your loved one on the pope or inner thighs. After a few times, such a trick will be the final chord in your session of love. A man will unconsciously wait for your caress, which means “everything is fine, you can sleep.”

Important: Stroke the man in places that other people don't touch. For example, the back or palm will not work, because he often greets other men through a handshake. And to his priests, we hope no one has access except you.


If your man is very sensitive to smells, then he can be caught on this "bait"! See for yourself: the aroma of grilled meat is associated with the May holidays, the aroma of tangerines - with the celebration of the New Year, and the smell of the sea - with holidays. Why not create your own anchor to remind you of your love?

How to bind a man to yourself with the help of smells? Try scenting your own bedroom. For example, bring home a couple of incense sticks (just choose the smell carefully so that it is not too saturated). This smell after a while will become a direct association with your beloved wife, home, bedroom. And if he ever finds himself in another woman's mansion (God forbid!), he will not be able to feel comfortable. He will miss something. That bewitching smell, strokes, music…

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