15 Tips From Beautician Jennifer Lopez: Brilliant

15 Tips From Beautician Jennifer Lopez: Brilliant
15 Tips From Beautician Jennifer Lopez: Brilliant

Dermatologist-cosmetologist Harold Lanser is trusted with their faces by J. Lo, Beyoncé, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson and Michelle Williams - and the list goes on and on. We found out what advice he gives to his star clients.

15 Tips From Beautician Jennifer Lopez: Brilliant!

Advice from a professional beautician of stars

1. Get there in 60 seconds

Apply moisturizer immediately after cleansing. In just 60 seconds, the thin water film left on the surface after washing will evaporate, and the skin will begin to lose moisture.

2. Do not drink before waxing

Sounds strange, but it has been proven over the years: if you drink a glass of wine or a cocktail before visiting the salon, the process will be more painful and less effective.

3. Don't clench your teeth

Involuntarily clenching your jaw, you are doing yourself a disservice, even a few: spoiling tooth enamel, earning wrinkles at the corners of the mouth and spoiling the oval of the face. By the way, if you tend to grind your teeth in your sleep, get a special silicone mouthguard - like boxers, only soft. Gradually the habit will disappear!

4. Wet your hair before bathing

Before you jump into the pool or plunge into the sea, sprinkle drinking water on your hair. It will fill the space between the scales of the hair, and s alt or bleach will no longer penetrate there.

5. Sour cream is better than after sun cream

I learned this recipe from Russian colleagues, and they told it to me almost like a joke. But I checked - it's brilliant! Sour cream contains enough fat to soften the skin, sour-milk components cool the skin and soothe it, and no allergies! Spread, hold for 20-30 minutes and rinse with cool, even cold water. And no discomfort!

6. Don't buy cotton balls

If you do not like to apply foundation with your fingers (in vain, it is best), use a dense sponge or brush. The same goes for facial tonic: better put a little on your palm and wash your face. Cotton wool absorbs more than it gives out, and you are wasting the product.

7. Use primer (base)

The chemically neutral base will prevent overdrying of the skin due to matting tonal products. And if the skin is oily, the primer will protect the pores from getting inside the particles of the cream, and the risk of acne will be less.

8. Wash your face with dandruff shampoo

Not always, of course, but if you suddenly have irritation on your face, and there is no special remedy at hand, wash your face with dandruff shampoo. You can find it everywhere! And in the composition - zinc pyrithione, an excellent anti-inflammatory agent.

9. Shave dry

Surely your razor is lying on the side of the bathroom or hanging in the shower. And you shave your hairs under running water. I do not advise. It is much more effective to scrub the skin, dry it completely, stretch it a little and shave cleanly straight dry. And then, of course, apply the cream. There will be less irritation and no ingrown hairs.

10. Wash your hair with baking soda

If you had an important event in the evening, for which you built a complex styling using gels, mousses, foams and varnish, simply washing your hair may not be enough. Add a spoonful of baking soda to your regular shampoo to completely remove styling residue and restore vitality to your hair.

11. Brush your teeth before breakfast

Then you won't eat the accumulated overnight plaque with bacteria. I noticed that the skin of my patients who brush their teeth before breakfast looks better compared to those who postpone this issue until later.

12. Water - room temperature only

Cosmetologist's advice: wash your face, take a shower and drink only lukewarm water. Yes, it will be VERY cold to wash at first, but your skin will thank you. Trust me.

13. Don't buy foundation with SPF

If your day cream contains SPF, you don't need sunscreen. It makes the texture of the cream more dense, and this is a burden on the skin. The ideal option is a BB or CC cream: care, moisturizing, and masking.

14. Buy coconut oil

This is the best body cream, perfect face mask and super hair product.

15. Have a fasting day

I mean a day without makeup. Only hydration, nutrition and protection. At least once a week. Based on materials from cosmo.ru, photo: Fotodom / Rex Features, fotoimedia / Ingram.

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