How to hide unnecessary things in the house out of sight

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How to hide unnecessary things in the house out of sight
How to hide unnecessary things in the house out of sight

You can neatly arrange extra things not only in cabinet drawers and large containers. Show your imagination by making decorative interior details useful!

How beautiful to hide unnecessary things

How beautiful to store things

Behind glass

You can store jewelry in decorative boxes right on the wall. Insert a cute poster, postcard or favorite photo under the glass cover and the boxes will look like a piece of art. Screw a few screws inside to hang chains, beads and bracelets. By the way, if you hang three-dimensional frames in the bedroom at different heights, you get a whole art gallery. More jewelry storage ideas.

Transformer tables

Very handy for small living rooms. So, a table with a rising lid, under which there are three large compartments for storing books, remote controls and other necessary things, can be easily used both for gatherings with friends and for preparing homework. Everything you need is always at hand, and the table surface is free!

No extra stuff: curtain down

Finish an open console with a decorative fabric to use this area to store out-of-season shoes, hats, cleaning supplies and other extra items in the apartment that usually don't fit in closets.

1. Measure your console.

2. To cut the fabric to the desired size, fold: 2 console depths, its width, and an additional 25 cm. The length of the cut should be equal to the height of the console + 10 cm.

3. Cut out a rectangle of the desired size and process the edges of the canvas with interlining using an iron.

4. Find the center of the resulting rectangle, measure 25 cm on each side of the center and lay the fold, gluing it also with interlining.

5. Attach one side of the Velcro contact tape along the upper edge of the canvas, and glue the other to the edge of the console with glue.

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