How to find an earring lost in the apartment and how to remake old things

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How to find an earring lost in the apartment and how to remake old things
How to find an earring lost in the apartment and how to remake old things

It turns out that even the things you were going to throw away have unexpected uses.

How to find a lost earring - and other cool life hacks for home

Vacuum cleaner attachments

If you know what it's like to lose an earring or other small thing at home, this life hack will change your life. Take a regular vacuum cleaner and pull a piece of old tights over the end of its pipe. Then go through all the corners and under the furniture. The earring will remain on this impromptu filter. The same principle works with small Lego parts, and with other small things that were here - and slipped out of your hands forever. Will be back!

If the regular crevice tool gets lost or doesn't fit into the tight spaces you want to clean, make your own flexible all-purpose tool. A tube of toilet paper or a roll of paper towels if you need to get deeper.

Empty bottles and jars

Baby food jars make an excellent nail polish remover. Put the sponge roll into the jar and fill with nail polish remover. Now you can dip your finger to soak. The tool can be used several times by closing it with a lid during storage so that the nail polish remover does not evaporate.

From a ketchup bottle you can make a convenient dispenser for batter. Your pancakes or pancakes will always be the same size and perfectly round like the pros.

Empty plastic bottle. This is one of the easiest ways to separate the yolk from the white. Just squeeze the bottle, bring it to the yolk and open your hand slightly. The yolk will gently suck into the bottle.

Empty tin tea boxes are sometimes just a pity to throw away, they are so beautiful. You can give them a second life by making homemade scented candles.

A box of chocolates. Depending on the size of the cells, you can store a variety of small things in them. From sewing supplies to… whatever you want.

An empty paper tissue box. Yeah, that's where you can compactly fold all this mountain of packages and bags!

Tick-Tock candy boxes. S alt, pepper or your favorite spices will always be with you when you go on a trip.


Socks without a pair will serve as an excellent wrapper for fragile things during a move or just when stored in a pantry. That's why they get lost in the washing machine! To live a second interesting life.

Wrapping paper rolls, baking papers, patterns, posters and so on. It can be a shame to open a cabinet and find that the roll has unfolded and is crumpled. Cut lengthwise a toilet paper or paper towel core to create a universal roll holder.

Broken pottery

Did you split a beautiful service when you moved? So it's time to try your hand at decoupage. From the fragments of the dish, you can make a mosaic panel for a table or assemble a mosaic in place of a broken tile in the bathroom. The second life of unnecessary things: 10 more ideas.

Broken pots. They have served flowers all their lives, they can serve even after death. There are probably no more appropriate and harmonious signs for plants in the garden than signed shards.

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