Helpful tips for mothers of girls

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Helpful tips for mothers of girls
Helpful tips for mothers of girls

We have already written about the discoveries that can be made while raising boys. “If someone warned me about these simple features, it would be easier for me to raise them,” the woman who raised her three sons to her feet admitted. But what about the mothers of girls? We restore justice and give the floor to one of them.

11 Things Mothers of Girls Should Know Beforehand

Right after my 33rd birthday, I gave birth to my first daughter. And a year and a half later - her sister. “That's nice,” I thought. “I myself was a girl, it’s easy for me to understand them, what could be difficult?” But it soon turned out that being a girl and raising girls are far from the same thing. And while I'm sure that when they're in their teens, I'm going to face challenges I can't imagine right now (I can still hear my mom chuckling right now), here are 11 things I learned in my first 10 years of motherhood.. Really wish I knew them before.

1. I thought I wouldn't let my kids fall prey to the ads. All those piles of toy little ponies, SpongeBobs, Monster High figures, Disney princesses and minions - I wanted to keep them out of it. Cartoons are just cartoons, it is not necessary to let their characters into the nursery. Naive! When these characters are everywhere, it's hard and cruel to resist buying them. They are in every kiosk, on every counter, wherever we go. In the form of figurines, magazines, stickers, badges, prints on pajamas … And most importantly, my friends in kindergarten and classmates, neighbors' children, children of my girlfriends have them. The more resolutely you refuse to buy something for them, the more they want it. In general, now we have blockages of this stuff.

2. There is a thin line between "be able to insist on one's own" and "scandal". Balancing on it can be difficult. Saying something in a determined voice and yelling are not the same thing. It is not easy not only to remember this yourself, but also to teach a child that it is not necessary to emphasize the importance of what is said by shouting.

3. Underwear matters to them now. I didn't think it was so important for a child which panties to wear. They like to choose underwear themselves. And it should be not only comfortable, but also beautiful.

4. There's no getting away from the girlish dramas. Whether you're 7 or 37, you're bound to feel resentment. Maybe you didn't get a seat at a school concert or weren't invited to a party that you so wanted to go to - it hurts. The best remedy that we found with my daughters is we turn on the music and dance as best we can.

5. One parent educates, the other indulges. And if you are a strict mom, then dad is more fun. Well. After all, I married him because I was happy in his company. No wonder my girls have fun with him too. They are right. Their dad is a holiday. He fools around with them, messes around, tells them something, teaches something interesting. He helps them cope with difficult situations. And I am infinitely grateful that he fulfills his parental role with all possible care and love.

6. Girls love to crackle. No stop. I should have known that, I'm a girl. I am also talkative. But it's one thing when you talk, and another thing when you have to listen to all this. Don't get me wrong, they are very thoughtful young people. Their thoughts and observations are often unexpected and startling. One problem: you hardly have time to sit in silence and digest everything that they managed to tell you during the long day.

7. Creating a normal, he althy relationship with food is hard work. When my youngest daughter was 5 years old, they made up a story about my mother in kindergarten. And she said my favorite food was lettuce. This, of course, is better than donuts, but I was shocked. I want them to eat he althy food, but do it with an appetite and not obsess over diets. She was right, I do eat a lot of greens. But "favorite dish"?!

8. It's not enough to tell them they're beautiful. Of course, they are the most adorable little girls in the world, and I always want to tell them about it. But when I do, I feel like I have to tell them a bunch of other things: that they are kind, caring, smart, talented, funny, so they don't think that beauty is the main thing in a person.

9. I had to forget about depilation in the bikini area.After the birth of my daughters, it began to look rather strange. I am an adult woman with pubic hair. They are little girls. We don't have to look the same. But with the money saved, you can buy some dowry for Barbie.

10. You always see yourself in your daughters, and there's nothing you can do about it.Despite the fact that my girls are so developed, smart, beautiful, etc. (see above), those traits of mine that are simply piss me off: for example, my constant need for approval and deep-seated fear of criticism. So I'm working on being kinder and more forgiving - to them and to myself. And my thighs. I'm afraid they inherited my hips.

11. You will always be their most important role model. My girls' bookshelves are full of books about amazing women past and present. We regularly talk about how a woman can become happy, find herself, fulfill herself, achieve what she aspires to in life. If there is a woman on TV who deserves respect, who can be a good role model, I draw their attention to how good she is.

And yet, first of all, they look at what I am - their mother. They talk like me; walk like me; ask me questions about the world around me. Frankly, this is an excessive responsibility. I know that I will not avoid mistakes along the way - and sometimes serious ones. I am sure that at some point they will remind me of my sins. But here's what I'm now quite sure of: if the day comes when they have daughters of their own, there will be no trace of their disappointment in me - as I did with my own mother. Motherhood helps you understand your mom.

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