Fright Night: 12 things he worries about during a date

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Fright Night: 12 things he worries about during a date
Fright Night: 12 things he worries about during a date

The other day, a friend wrote to one of our editors and said that she met a wonderful guy on the Internet and they have been corresponding for a long time, but now she is terribly afraid to go on a real date with him! He doesn’t know what to talk about and how to behave, and he’s just worried … It makes you want to say: “Don’t be afraid, he himself is afraid of you!” Because our male writer just shared a list of popular male anxieties when first romantically meeting a possible mate.

Night of Fright: 12 Things He Worries About During a Date

1. Did he choose the right shirt. Don't care about chewed up baggy pants and fake crocodile shoes. Screwing up your shirt is every date's real-life nightmare. I do not want to look like a parrot and too official too. This one, in colorful emoji, isn't too bright?

2. On the one hand, he wants to take you to a better restaurant to impress you as a generous person with good taste. On the other hand, he is afraid that you went with him just to have a good dinner.

3. He speaks in moderation? Or talks you to death? Maybe you're glad he's talkative because there aren't those awful awkward pauses. Or maybe you think: “God, he won’t even let me insert a word.” How much easier life would be if we were all telepaths.

4. What to talk about? It's dangerous about politics: suddenly you fall asleep from boredom or you have different views, and you immediately quarrel. A polite conversation about the weather is the lot of bores. TV shows? One gets the impression that he only does what sticks out in front of the TV set. Books? What if you think he's a nerd? About the recent booze with Edik? Oh no, no, not that! In short, nothing could be invented, and he would be left to die alone.

5. Suddenly you will notice how much he was sweating. Just right to keep his hands at his sides all the way. Damn that vaunted deodorant that was powerless against the power of his excitement.

6. Whatever he says or does, you evaluate him and draw conclusions. Of course, that's the whole point of a date. But very few people like to take exams, right?

7. Did you only order a salad because you're on a diet? Or do you dislike the man so much that you want to get off quickly and run away?

8. He was nice and polite with the waitress or was it flirting?

9. A bad joke? Are you smiling out of politeness or did you really appreciate his pun?

10. Should he kiss you at the end of the date? If he doesn't, you'll think he's slow. Kiss - impudent. Oh, how difficult everything is.

11. How would you feel about his embarrassed offer to go to his place and see a movie?

12. Do you understand that "cinema" means "sex"? Because if you agree, do you understand each other correctly?

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