Stars do FAMFIE

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Stars do FAMFIE
Stars do FAMFIE

Even in our fickle world, there are eternal themes. Family, love, children, smiles of loved ones, family ties. No matter what happens, these words always resonate in a special way in the soul.

The stars are doing FAMFIE!

The tag famfie (family + selfie), that is, “family selfie”, is rapidly gaining popularity on the Internet. Thousands of happy families shared their photos on Instagram and Twitter. The stars also liked the format. They actively connected to the topic and urge their fans to support the flash mob.

Star of "Univer", beauty Anna Khilkevich got married this summer. On famfie, where she stands with her family, fans of the actress could not help but notice the expectant mother's neat tummy.

“Do you often see your family and friends? How often do you call your parents? Do you always congratulate grandparents and just find out how they are doing? Our family is our bond. Whoever, no matter how they are, will be able to support you in any difficult moment, share the happy moments of life with you and simply love you for who you are. Post family photos - famfie in your social networks! Let's use this flash mob to remind others how important family communication is! Put hashtags under the photo famfie whole family!”.

Show producer Yana Rudkovskaya does not often post her family photos online, but on this occasion she pleased her subscribers with a family portrait in the company of her husband and three children at once. Many of her fans did not know that Yana had two adult sons from a previous marriage..

"You often ask me about my older kids, why don't I regularly post pictures of them on social media? Dear subscribers, for me, the Family is not just a fortress, mutual assistance and support, these are people with whom I want to share the most important and intimate, I want all my sons to grow up to be real men: strong, educated, athletic, decent, for this it is not necessary to cover their lives every day, but by popular demand today I post our family photo! Then post your family selfies - famfie in your social networks. Let's use this flash mob to remind others how important family communication is! Put hashtags under the photo famfie whole family.”

Instagram responded with enthusiastic comments:.

filimonovalove "You are such a young mother, beautiful and smart!!".

zara_060781 “Tender, beautiful and young mother of such adult sons!!! Happiness and love to your beautiful family!!!”.

olgochka71 “What big boys. Handsome.”

Fumfi stars of KVN and the series "Univer" Ararat Keshchyan turned out to be very warm and very homely. Ararat became a dad a year ago, and even in the photo you can feel how much he values ​​his wife and daughter. “Due to the modern rhythm of life, we meet with relatives and friends less and less. The family is not clichés like a fortress, mutual assistance and support. This is your world, which you yourself create. Family flash mob launched. Remind others how important family communication, parental education and children's happiness are! Put the hashtags under the photo famfie whole family Let's go, friends!

And the actress Victoria Bonya, her husband Alexander and daughter Anzhdelina wanted to fool around a little on their famp: “I also decided to support the flash mob, which is gaining popularity on Instagram. Family is my fortress! Family is my everything! Family is my personal, my most precious thing! I don't really like posting photos of my family on social networks, but now I decided to make an exception! To remind everyone how important it is to love your family, your loved ones! Post photos of your family on social media. networks. Let's use this flash mob to remind others how important family communication is! Put hashtags under the photo with your families: famfie whole family!”

Join the flash mob too! Making a famfie is a great occasion to get together once again on a cozy autumn day with the wholefamily!

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