5 types of men who should be given a second chance

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5 types of men who should be given a second chance
5 types of men who should be given a second chance

The first date went so badly that you don't want to hear or see this guy anymore? Do not rush to refuse a second meeting. Maybe give him a second chance? We found 5 types of men who should say their maybe.

5 types of men who should be given a second chance

He has not completed his previous relationship

You found out that this handsome man has a "almost ex" girlfriend or wife, who was not aware that she no longer has a husband. It turned out to be an ugly story: you are a wonderful and self-confident lady, she is no less beautiful and charming, and he is a liar, liar, liar.

We are not asking you to drop all your moral principles and be the third in this union. On the contrary, you deserve to be the only woman in the life of your beloved man. However, you should not chop off your shoulder, denying yourself communication with a man who did not foresee in advance that he would fall in love with you. No one is immune from love, this is the truth. It may be better to ask the question directly: “What do you need right now?” And if he needs you, then he will definitely do everything to make you happy, and will not lead two women by the nose at once.

He said stupid things on the first date

Stupidity is not calling your ex a monster, but just some weird jokes, ridiculous stories about youthful acne and the question: "You must have had acne too, right?" Yes, you had them, but you don't want to talk about it on the first date. You don't even want to think about it!

Actually, this cute guy is just really nervous because he likes you so much. So much so that his teeth are chattering for fear of not being liked by you. This is where all the nonsense comes in. It happens to everyone, right? But if this story continues for the second time, then it's strange.

He was unkemptly dressed

Dust on shoes, coffee stain on a white shirt, or parsley in your teeth? Maybe after a couple of dates you will forget about this little oversight on the part of a man if he shows himself from the best side - witty, attentive, tactful. In case the clothes are his only flaw, then give him a second chance!

After all, is it possible that in the morning he helped a friend push the car, which slightly shabby his appearance, or was in such a hurry to meet you, so in a hurry that he spilled some coffee on his shirt?

He seemed rude to you

Did you notice that he somehow aggressively squints at the waiters in the cafe or made an ambiguous comment towards the girl who is sitting on the next table? Don't discount this guy so quickly! It is possible that he had an extremely difficult day or the boss ruined his mood on the very day you were supposed to meet.

But if this behavior is the norm rather than the exception, then something is clearly wrong with this man. And you need to run away from him, so that one day you don’t feel this aggression against you.

He was too timid and shy

Which is fundamentally different from your understanding of a strong and self-confident man. The first date is for that and the first one, to look at each other more carefully, to find out how (and in what place) a person thinks, what he aspires to and what he does in his free time. He, just like you, looks at you and tries to get to know you better. And just listens to you without trying to take the initiative.

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