Anatoly Bely: Many women only get better with age

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Anatoly Bely: Many women only get better with age
Anatoly Bely: Many women only get better with age

Actor Anatoly Bely answered our questions on the eve of two film premieres at once - the family film Everything Will Come True and the comedy War of the Sexes.

Anatoly Bely: Many women only get better with age

What is the best age for a woman

They say modern men are incapable of action. Do you agree with this?

In general, yes, men have become big children - I don’t know why this happened, but I feel it myself. We are more infantile than before. Perhaps this is our common problem.

So there is no hope that you will grow up, we have no?

I will say this: only the first forty years of childhood are the most difficult, then it is easier with us.

Why don't men like to share problems?

Because they want to look manly. Like, who will understand me, a lone wolf. It's so our way, so brutal!

Do women annoy you? Any strangers?

They don't annoy me at all! Unless they're completely mean, then yes, I can feel something.

Does it scare you when a woman takes the initiative?

No, not scary. And why be afraid? (Laughs.)

Is it true that men love some and marry others?

Well, it's a mutual process! It happens to everyone, including women.

If given the opportunity, what would you change about your wife?

Nothing. I would like her to always remain as thin and delicate.

How would you like to raise a daughter?

Beautiful and wise. I don't know if it can be brought up, but I would like to.

Do you like Angelina Jolie?

Yes! Although… Still, yes, period.

Why do you think men don't like Brad Pitt?

What made you think? I really like Brad Pitt too! All in all, a good couple. Maybe you mean some men with complexes?

Why do smart men still watch stupid movies? With Statham, for example?

This is useful for reloading files. You need to relax on something!

What is the best age for a woman? It's a shame that women lose with age, and men - on the contrary. Where is the justice?

Nonsense, it's not like that at all! In any case, you can't treat everyone with the same brush. Many women get really good with age and only get better.

Why shouldn't women wear bathrobes around the house?

Yes, everything is possible! Here my wife wears a bathrobe, and by the way, he is very beautiful.

The main words a father should say to his son

Probably like this: be smart and kind. A mind without a heart and a heart without a mind are bad.

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