14 hacks to help you get ready faster in the morning

14 hacks to help you get ready faster in the morning
14 hacks to help you get ready faster in the morning

Morning preparations can bring not only you, but the whole family to a nervous breakdown.

14 life hacks that will help you get ready faster in the morning

So that you stop being nervous, late and in a fit of anger shred your favorite jeans with nail scissors, we have collected 14 life hacks that will help you learn how to pack quickly and easily!

Think about what to wear in the morning in the evening

Yes, the new episode of Game of Thrones is already uploaded, but try to spend just five minutes thinking about the image for tomorrow. Trust me it will save you at least half an hour in the morning.

Check the weather forecast before bed

Because if you've prepared a light mini dress and sandals for the morning, and you wake up to the sound of a downpour, your dues for work will definitely turn into a disaster.

Buy basic stuff and get rid of random stuff

Getting dressed in the morning will become much easier if you go shopping purposefully and buy there the so-called “basics” of the wardrobe, based on your occupation and work dress code. Thanks to this, you will always have several backup images in reserve.

Keep a neutral color scheme

The ability to easily mix colors in your wardrobe will save precious morning time, so before you buy a new item, think about what it will go with.

Find your uniform

No, we do not offer school uniforms or overalls. Just find your "fashion formula" - the combination that you feel most comfortable in (other than pajamas, of course) - and repeat it. This way you can wear essentially the same things every day, but still look different.

Don't forget your shoes

There's nothing worse than finally choosing a dress and then discovering that it doesn't have the right shoes. So try to choose shoes first and only then move on to clothes.

Iron or steam items before putting them in the closet

It is enough just sometimes to pay a little attention to your wardrobe in order to save yourself time, effort and nerves in the future. Get your garment in order before you go out and avoid unpleasant surprises such as ugly folds and wrinkled dress hem.

If you hate ironing, don't buy clothes that wrinkle

Hate irons and steamers? Then it is better not to buy clothes that require too much care. The same goes for items that need dry cleaning.

Never hang dirty things in your closet

No, seriously - you won't even remember what that stain is!

Structify your wardrobe

If you want to get dressed in the morning as quickly and painlessly as possible, you cannot do without dividing your wardrobe into “departments”. Believe me, as soon as a clear structure appears in your closet, morning preparations will no longer take so much time. The main thing is not to forget to put everything in its place later.


You don't need a chunky knit sweater in August, do you? Warm clothes for the summer should be carefully removed so that they do not interfere with the gathering, falling at the wrong time.

Style your hair and put on makeup before you get dressed

This may sound silly, but you will actually feel better if you put on makeup and style your hair first. In addition, this way you can appreciate your image in full.

Change bag only on weekends

Before the start of the work week, choose a versatile bag that will last you all weekdays. And be sure to collect it on Sunday evening - this will save you a lot of time the next morning.

Find the "savior" thing

Every woman has her favorite dress or "two" of top and trousers - remember them in case of emergency and always keep these things in good condition.

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