9 ways to get a flat stomach without working out

9 ways to get a flat stomach without working out
9 ways to get a flat stomach without working out

If you still haven't made it to the gym, and you think diets are harmful, write down 9 simple ways to achieve a flat stomach. "It's impossible!" skeptics will exclaim. But we made sure: it works!

9 ways to get a flat stomach without training

1. Sit back

You won't believe it, but muscles have memory. If you make sure that your back is straight and your stomach is slightly pulled in, after a couple of weeks you will notice that your waist has become thinner and your stomach flatter. Most importantly, sit perfectly straight in front of the computer. Right now, straighten your back and pull in your stomach!

2. Drink water

Yes, it's stuck in the teeth. But remember: at the slightest sign of dehydration, the body panics and begins to retain every drop of moisture, accumulating it … That's right, in the abdominal region, to put it wisely, or simply in the stomach. So set yourself a reminder and drink a glass of water every hour. It's easy!

3. Visit the ladies' room

Delicate moment, but if we started talking about a flat stomach, there is no way around this intimate issue. So, watch the frequency of visiting the toilet. Doctors generally believe that the ideal option is to accustom the body to a certain schedule, but in practice, few people succeed. To be sure that the body does not accumulate toxins and removes them in a timely manner, make sure that you go to the toilet "in a small way" 7 or more times during daylight hours, and for a more serious issue - at least once a day. If not, go back to step 2.

4. Chew

"By chewing your food thoroughly, you help the community!" - remember the funny Soviet slogan? It is absolutely true, only now you are helping not society, but your own flat stomach. The more thoroughly you chew, the less space the food will take in the digestive tract, the easier it is to digest, the less the stomach stretches, the faster you are satiated … And the slimmer you become!

5. Use probiotics

Often the belly looks bigger than it really is due to flatulence. And you may not notice it, it's not about the situation when you have cramps due to increased gas formation and you feel obvious discomfort. Just 50 grams of a probiotic per day will correct the situation, and in a day (!) You will notice that the stomach has decreased.

6. Walk

Also advice from Captain Obvious's arsenal - but what can you do if it works? 30 minutes in a row a day is the minimum you need to achieve the effect. Get more - great! Just remember: while walking, you need to keep your back straight and slightly pull in your stomach. Get a strong ass and slender legs as a bonus!

7. Forget gum

While you are enthusiastically chewing gum, you are unconsciously swallowing air. From the stomach, it will mix into the intestines and - inflates your belly! If you want to freshen your breath - better take a mint candy.

8. Watch your hormones

Slight increase in the level of estrogen - the female hormone that provokes the accumulation of fat in the abdomen - can significantly spoil the figure. But the level of estrogen will be normal if the body has enough calcium and B vitamins. It is ideal, of course, to take tests. But in principle, it is impossible to overeat calcium and B vitamins if you follow the instructions on the package. So calcium + vitamin D complex and B vitamins should be part of your diet.

9. Lie down

Best advice in the collection, right? Devote 20 minutes a day to lazy gymnastics: lie on your back, place your legs above the level of your body, put a towel roll under your lower back and let your stomach fall. This is also muscle memory, the Japanese consider this exercise the key to a slender figure. Yes, you just need to lie down, not pulling anything anywhere, completely relaxed. Cool, huh?

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