A woman who lost 85 kg was trolled on the Internet

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A woman who lost 85 kg was trolled on the Internet
A woman who lost 85 kg was trolled on the Internet

But she was able to give a decent answer by posting all her photos to skeptics

A woman who lost 85 kg was trolled on the Internet

24-year-old Simone Anderson from New Zealand weighed 169 kg a year ago. In just a year of incredibly intense hard training, the woman lost weight to 84 kg.

She posted two pictures of herself, "before" and "after", on Instagram and captioned them with an enthusiastic comment:

"I just don't have enough words to describe what I'm feeling right now! My willpower and uncompromising attitude helped me achieve my goal. Every morning for 11 months I got up at 5 am, trained hard, through pain and tears. And now I weigh half as much! Now I want to set my next goals - to run a full marathon and do a triathlon.”

After that, she shared another photo showing how good she looks now.

The fat woman lost weight and received a wave of negativity in response

However, in addition to admiring and supportive comments from readers, Simona also received a lot of negativity. She was accused of falsifying facts, claimed that she was not in the photographs, and conducted a whole "investigation", giving various arguments why she was actually lying.

One of the most "deadly" arguments, according to skeptics, was that it does not show the folds of saggy skin that inevitably occur after such a change in body weight. The argument is reinforced concrete - which of the women will agree to put themselves in an unsightly form for all to see? There are no wrinkles in the photo, so she is lying, the issue is closed.

But strong man Simone Anderson was strong in everything. In the next post, she wrote:

"I don't know why I'm so bothered by comments that say I'm lying. Perhaps because I wanted to support many women by my example, and with this skepticism you reduce my whole story to a banal fraud. And many will give up on themselves, because the fake is the same, such weight loss does not happen.

You claim that my eyebrows in the photo are not the same, the hair color is not the same, I changed the model of the phone and the interior of the room has changed. Hey, this is funny people, it's been 11 months, everything is changing in this world!

Are you outraged that I don't show my loose skin and stretch marks? Yes, this is not something I would like to brag to the whole world. But, since you were ready to devalue a stranger like that and try to steal the victory from me and from many other women who found inspiration in this … Well. You asked, you will receive. Look.”

After that, Simone went further and showed photos from the plastic surgery clinic, where she turned in order to remove the consequences of her former weight.

These photos of her may seem overly revealing to many, but as she explains in an interview with People magazine: “Yes, I have extra skin folds. This is a side effect of my achievement. I have always been honest with my readers, and everyone should be aware that halving the weight really does not work without such unaesthetic consequences. But don't let that stop those who decide to change themselves and shut up the naysayers.”

After the operation, she posted on her page a photo from the hospital room with the caption: "I'm alive"

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