5 Rules for Buying Pants for Fat Women

5 Rules for Buying Pants for Fat Women
5 Rules for Buying Pants for Fat Women

Have you met a modern woman who would wear only skirts and dresses in everyday life? It is unlikely, because it is almost impossible to refuse trousers in our days, when mobility is the main quality of a successful person. Modern fashion is incredibly diverse. Within its limits, any woman with chic forms will be able to choose a good style of women's trousers for obese women.

How to choose pants for obese women: 5 basic rules

Following the basic rules of selection, it is easy to correct figure flaws by stretching the silhouette and giving it a seductive outline.

What are they - fashionable trousers for obese women

Firstly, they are made from the “right” fabric. The fit of the pants depends on the quality of the material.


  • Cotton;
  • Linen;
  • Thick silk;
  • Tight jersey;
  • Costume fabric.

Not worth it:

  • Jacquard;
  • Poplin;
  • Any fabrics with a large texture, as well as boucle.

Secondly, they have an optimal style for your figure. The ideal option is to find a good pattern of trousers for obese women with a straight classic cut, a light arrow and sew them to order in the atelier. But even in the store there is a chance to find a thing about which you can safely use the commonplace “how they sewed on me.”


  • Flared or straight trousers "stretch" on the yoke;
  • Adjusted skinny style, loose at the top and tapering down;
  • Spacious à la oriental flowy pants.

Not worth it:

  • Shapeless bloomers;
  • Jeweled trousers;
  • Ultra tight tights and leggings.

Third - and very pleasant! - rule. The "correct" trousers are fashionable! Only use should be exclusively trends that suit you specifically.

For example, large girls with long legs can successfully wear cropped trousers with lapels at the bottom that are currently relevant. Well, if we have not only large hips and a massive top, but a beautiful pronounced waist, then high-waisted jeans will help to emphasize where necessary.

Do you want to combine business with pleasure, giving harmony to your figure and showing off a trendy trend in your wardrobe? An amazingly elegant bow can also be achieved with a trouser skirt - for obese women this is what you need.

Now let's talk about color and pattern, this will be our fourth rule. You should not be limited only to dark shades, it makes you visually older, and the image is heavier. But when choosing bright trousers, make sure that they are completely plain. Of the ornaments, it is better to choose medium-sized patterns, and your favorite is to choose a vertical line in a contrasting color.

Finally, last in order, but by no means the least - in order for trousers to look good on a large figure, they must be worn correctly and be able to combine them correctly.


  • Elongated wrap jackets and cardigans;
  • Sweaters and blouses exclusively for release;
  • Similar in color "top" and "bottom";
  • Belts in the same color as trousers;
  • Shoes with heels;
  • Handbags on a long chain.

Not worth it:

  • Contrasting combinations of trousers and "top";
  • Bright belts of any width;
  • Sneakers and flats paired with trousers;
  • Massive bags with short round handles;
  • Tuck blouses into pants.

Properly matched to your figure pants will look relevant and attractive at all times and in different situations.

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