Comfortable, cozy and inexpensive economy class dacha is not a myth, but a reality

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Comfortable, cozy and inexpensive economy class dacha is not a myth, but a reality
Comfortable, cozy and inexpensive economy class dacha is not a myth, but a reality

It is not always possible to buy expensive furniture and building materials for a country house, especially if you have a major overhaul and need everything at once. We will suggest ideas for the interiors of economy class country houses that will help you create a cozy and beautiful design without spending a lot.

Economy class cottage interior: cozy and inexpensive

Very often everything that is no longer needed in the city is sent to the country house - old furniture, bad bed linen and towels, clothes that you don’t like and other rubbish. It is believed that this is how you can save money and create an economy-class cottage interior. But to make a warehouse of unnecessary things out of your country house is completely wrong, because you go there to rest. Therefore, creating a relaxing, pleasant atmosphere in the country is no less important than in a city apartment.

This does not mean that only new things can be used in the country - your favorite shabby chair will definitely become a cozy detail of a garden house, even if it looks bad in a modern apartment. It's just important to strike a balance, and wisely complement new furniture and materials with vintage items that have been living in your family for a long time.

What can you save on in the interior of an economy class cottage

  1. Simple furniture. It makes no sense to buy expensive furniture with an abundance of decor for giving - choose the simplest things, because they will help create a cozy country style. If wooden cabinets and chests of drawers seem boring to you, decorate them with your own hands - this is a great activity for a family weekend in the country.
  2. Used items. When choosing furniture for the interior of economy-class country houses, feel free to use sites selling used items. There is nothing wrong with installing a new kitchen set in the country, as long as it is in good condition. By the way, if you bought a new sofa in your apartment, you don’t have to take the old one to the country house, if you don’t like it anymore, it’s better to sell it and buy another one, also “from hand”, but more attractive and suitable for your home.
  3. Quality is more important than speed. Of course, you want to furnish your house with stylish furniture, finish the walls with the best boards and install a beautiful fireplace as soon as possible. But if funds do not allow, do not rush. A cottage is an acquisition for many years. Distribute the budget evenly and improve your garden house gradually. It is better to buy a more expensive fireplace than the cheapest model, and postpone other alterations until next year, than to buy everything at once, but at the lowest prices and at the expense of quality.
  4. Seasonal discounts. If you dream of a garden swing, for example, but this purchase seems unreasonably expensive to you, wait for the beginning of autumn. All dacha items will be on sale with good discounts, so arrange a raid on the dacha and garden shops in late August-early September.

Interiors of economy class country houses: a few ideas

When buying economy class furniture, pay attention to beautiful textiles. The simplest table will be decorated with a bright tablecloth made of natural materials, chairs with cozy pillows, and beautiful curtains and napkins will help improve the overall look of the room.

You can save on materials for summer cottages using modern inexpensive plastic and wood imitation materials. For example, a house with imitation timber looks no less impressive than a natural one, but costs much less.

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