How to wash ugg boots and down jackets?

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How to wash ugg boots and down jackets?
How to wash ugg boots and down jackets?

If you still have doubts about whether or not these things can be washed in the machine, we will tell you.

The impossible is possible! How to wash down jackets and uggs?

Attention! Our advice will work only if the label of the product does not strictly indicate: “dry clean only”. Between ourselves, and in such a situation, many things are perfectly washable, but you must remember that you act at your own peril and risk. Still, manufacturers are not in vain sewing labels on clothes.

How to wash down jackets

  1. Before washing, remove the fur from the down jacket (it certainly should not be washed), fasten the zippers, buttons, do not forget to check the contents of the pockets (especially for children).
  2. If there are stains, pre-treat them with a stain remover. The dirtiest places are cuffs, collar and pockets. They can be rubbed with a soft brush and detergent in advance.
  3. Select the most delicate wash cycle. If the washing machine does not have a special program "Washing down jackets", set the temperature to 30 degrees and spin at 600 rpm.
  4. It is best to use a detergent specifically for down jackets (there are a lot of them now, and most often they are sold where down jackets and coats themselves are). The highest quality, but also the most expensive products can be purchased in stores with hiking, mountain and ski equipment. If such a product is not at hand, you can use the laundry gel, but not the powder.
  5. Put 3 or 5 tennis balls into the drum with a down jacket. During washing, they get between the fabric and create a freer air circulation. If you don't have tennis balls at home, you can make tight balls out of your socks by rolling them into balls.
  6. Washed? Add another cycle - an extra rinse to remove detergent residue and avoid streaks.
  7. It's great if the washing machine is also equipped with a clothes dryer. Then put the dryer on the lowest temperature, and after it your down jacket will be like new.
  8. Can also be dried without tumble drying. Take out the down jacket, hang it on a coat hanger and wait until it dries, periodically beating the filler with your hands and distributing it evenly.

How to clean ugg boots

  1. First, each boot needs to be vacuumed, inside and out, to remove the dust, sand, and dirt that has accumulated.
  2. After that, take a microfibre cloth, lightly dampen the boot under running warm water and wipe the boot with a mild cleaner. You can use any suede cleaner or wash your shoes with liquid laundry gel.
  3. After you have treated the top of the ugg boots, also clean the inside (sheepskin) of the boot with your hands, as you usually wash things. Just be careful not to rub too hard.
  4. Wash off the foam with water and do not forget to rinse the inside of the sheepskin. In principle, you can stop at this and put the ugg boots to dry, stuffed with paper napkins or old towels so that they do not lose their shape during drying and do not shrink.
  5. If you want to go further and achieve perfect cleanliness, you need a washing machine. And yes! Uggs are machine washable. Only, of course, separately from other shoes and clothes (ugg boots shed a lot).
  6. Set the gentle wash cycle (wool or silk). This means that the temperature should be 30 degrees. Then add an extra rinse, turn it up to 1000, because you need to squeeze out as much water as possible, and add a delicate detergent (you can use wool detergent).
  7. After washing your ugg boots, stuff them with paper or microfiber towels to keep them in shape and let dry. If there is a warm floor in the bathroom or in the hallway - great. This way they dry faster. But you can’t dry your ugg boots on the battery!
  8. When the shoes are dry, they can be treated with a water-repellent spray for suede.

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