20 books guaranteed to get kids off their tablet

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20 books guaranteed to get kids off their tablet
20 books guaranteed to get kids off their tablet

Worried that your child doesn't like to read? Yes, you just offer him the wrong books.

20 books that are guaranteed to tear the child away from the tablet
  1. Sergei Sedov, Tales of Kings. No reverence for their majesties - short and slightly absurd tales in which kings either blow their noses, or stutter, or get lost.
  1. Andrey Usachev, "Smart Dog Sonya". Sonya is a royal mongrel. Quick-witted, loves her owner, doesn't like mustard, gets into trouble all the time.
  1. Michael Bond, Paddington Bear A story about a bear from Peru who lives with an English family, tries to act decently but somehow doesn't always work out.
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  1. Jill Murphy, "The Worst Witch". Mildred is a girl studying to be a witch, but never learns. Double, in general. But she has a cat Striped!
  1. Luciano Malmusi, "Neanderthal boy at school and at home". In the last Ice Age, everything was almost like now: primitive children went to school, argued with primitive parents, drove primitive dogs and went hiking.
  1. Paul Maar, "Seven Saturdays in a week". Tales of a little magical Subastic with a snout instead of a nose.
  1. Richard and Florence Atwater, Mr. Popper's Penguins. Yes, the Jim Carrey movie about how a house painter raises penguins is based on this book. The book is better!
  1. Annie Schmidt, "Murli". The story of how a cat turns into a girl and continues to understand cat language. But nature regularly takes its toll, so it will be funny.
  1. Cressida Cowell, How to Train Your Dragon Useful tips on how to piss off a dragon, defeat a dragon, speak dragon… It's actually about Hiccup Karasik, who must become a hero. There are much more adventures and jokes than in the cartoon.
  1. Elvira Lindo, "Manolito Bespectacled". Stories about an eight-year-old boy who behaves quite normally: either he knocks his glasses, then he fights with a friend, then he writes off the test unsuccessfully.
  1. Roald Dahl, "Piggies". Who is the stinkiest and nastiest person in the world? This is Mr. and Mrs. Pig, get to know them soon.
  1. Andy Stanton, "The Terrible Mr. Byak". This wonderful man fiercely hates all living things - except for his garden, which he diligently looks after. In general, I took care of it once.

Timote de Fombel, "Toby Lolness: a hair's breadth from death." Semeystov Toby lives on a tree (they fit because they are very small), his dad is a scientist, he is about to make a discovery. But then the problems begin

  1. Rene Gossini, "All About Baby Nicolas" Stories with drawings about a tomboy and a bully.
  1. Egner Thorbjorn, "People and robbers from Cardamom". Stories about a small town and its inhabitants. Rogues spawn regularly!
  1. Eno Raud, Muff, Half Shoes and Mossbeard. Great funny tales about the naxitrallei gnomes.
  1. Enid Blyton, "The Secret of the Tangled Trail" and other books in the series. A true children's detective: mysteries, clues and revelations.
  1. Edith Nesbit, "Five Children and It" A fairytale story about children who unearth a monster that can grant wishes that…
  1. Anne Fine, Diary of a Killer Cat Tuffy the cat book series: he has a vile personality, he is a misanthrope, a bully and a destroyer (to be honest, there will be no murders).

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