You'll get over the breakup faster than he did. Proven

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You'll get over the breakup faster than he did. Proven
You'll get over the breakup faster than he did. Proven

I saw in a photo on a social network or at a holiday with mutual friends how your ex hugs his current one, blooms and smells, and you have just begun to recover? Do not rush to conclude that he forgot you so easily. Maybe your breakup still echoes in his ears.

You will get over the breakup faster than he does. Proven!

Breaking up is such a hassle

First of all, thank you for all the romcoms that make you feel compelled to mope while sitting in your pajamas and eating ice cream from a huge bucket, even if you prefer a silk nightgown and a Capital cupcake.

Secondly, you have to listen to all this nonsense about the fact that “there are a dime a dozen men in the world, you will have a hundred more of them”, while you are sure that your soul mate exists in a single copy and you just lost (besides, you definitely don't need ANOTHER HUNDRED of the same insensitive brutes).

And thirdly, now we need to do something about this "absolute, heartbreaking despair", right? Damn. And so I wanted to spend time somehow more pleasantly. On top of that, science has proven that you are worse off than he is right now. Friends can console you that it only seems that he suffers less, but in fact he just hides his feelings. But researchers say you're actually more likely to feel the pain of a breakup.

Egregious injustice!

But there is some good news. Since you take the breakup to heart, you can't suffer as long.

When a relationship is just ending, women often think that they are not ready to start all over again (especially if you have already managed to mentally plan your entire future life together up to how you will pass the time when you retire). But because we tend to share our feelings and seek support from family and friends, we tend to get over the breakup quicker.

Meanwhile, men, because of their habit of "raise your right hand up, and then sharply throw it down and say: "Well, to hell with him, with a cloak!""Bury deeper, and then cherish insults for centuries. Over time, they come to terms with the situation, but do not completely get rid of it.This self-destructive male reaction leads to the fact that even after starting a new love relationship, a man may continue to think about you.

So no matter how disgustingly happy he looks, don't worry, you're probably still deep in his heart.


Verbatim quote from D. Astrakhan's film "Everything will be fine", 1995.

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