7 major mistakes that prevent you from finding love

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7 major mistakes that prevent you from finding love
7 major mistakes that prevent you from finding love

Your status is “actively searching”, but there is still no perfect candidate. You are most likely making one of these mistakes, suggests psychologist Maria Krasilnikova.

7 major mistakes that prevent you from finding love

Mistake 1

You make yourself inaccessible, categorically not letting men near you

A lot of your energy goes into taking care of your appearance, but along with a beautiful dress, you “put on” a facial expression that says: “Don’t fit!” Remember - the basis of a long and happy relationship should be only sincerity. It's time to take off the mask of who you are not. Psychologists explain this behavior by saying that you are subconsciously protecting yourself from the trauma that a new romance can inflict on you. If you have a breakup behind you, it's time to forget, forgive and let go.

Mistake 2

You are too demanding of a potential life partner

Most likely, you have a complex of excellent students - even your own shortcomings have no right to exist, let alone the disadvantages of others! Perhaps this maximalist approach to life helps you achieve dizzying success in your career, but when it comes to organizing your personal life, it can easily play a cruel joke on you. This sphere is beyond your influence, you cannot control everything and always. This also applies to men - they can not be remade. And yes, they are imperfect. Just like you. Just deal with it and keep it simple.

Mistake 3

Your desire to please him at any cost goes beyond all limits

You are behaving as unnaturally as possible, ceasing to be yourself. And he immediately feels your tension, and this alarms him. If you think that your chosen one is the one you need for life, then he is simply obliged to perceive you for who you are. Otherwise, an unpleasant surprise awaits him later. The more relaxed you feel

internally, the more relaxed you behave. Men like only those women from whom the lightness of being comes. In addition, trying to please, you put yourself in a dependent position.

Mistake 4

You like being alone and doing things on your own

But you are still looking for a man, because “it’s necessary”, and let all applicants understand that you are already great - you are the mistress of your life, you earn well and are not used to asking for anything. First, decide for yourself: do you really want to find the right one? If yes, then it's time to learn to be weak and accepting - or at least seem like one. Develop flexibility, expand your comfort zone, and learn to compromise. Let male care enter your life, the stronger sex is always pleased.

Mistake 5

You are just dying of unbearable desire to get married

Having captured a man in a stranglehold, not letting him come to his senses, you immediately spoil everything. He has not yet understood how he treats you, and you are already putting a ring on his finger and choosing names for the children. Fear of loneliness and social norms rush us all in this race for happiness. But here's some advice for you: stop! To begin with, learn to get real pleasure from life when you are alone with yourself. Be happy here and now, without the help of a man. And he will definitely appear in your life.

Mistake 6

You are not ready for action and are waiting for him to make the first move

Many women are afraid that if they take the initiative, they will come across as easily accessible, and men will not have an incentive to win them. There is some truth in this, but do not forget that men have even more complexes and fears than we do. And that even if he really liked you, but portray the Snow Queen, he may simply be afraid of being rejected. Let him know that you are free, turn on the green light, just smile, in the end - show interest in continuing your communication.

Mistake 7

You hope love can come after a one night stand

This is the main female mistake. Thus, the girl devalues ​​herself, ceases to be worthy of respect. It is impossible to keep or bind a man in this way. If a man has not made the slightest effort to win you over, you will forever remain easy prey in his eyes. He is ready to leave at any moment. There is not an ounce of self-love in such actions. Develop as a woman, appreciate and respect yourself. Then you won't have to agree to questionable sex just to make a man feel interested in you.

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