Barilla – harmony of taste and benefits

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Barilla – harmony of taste and benefits
Barilla – harmony of taste and benefits

Italian cuisine is very popular all over the world, and the palm among traditional Italian dishes belongs, of course, to pasta. Easy to prepare, it has countless options, and the best pasta is made in its homeland, in sunny Italy. Pasta in Italy is distinguished by impeccable quality and variety of types. Perhaps there is no other dish that would be as tasty as it is he althy.

Barilla - harmony of taste and benefits

Pasta is a he althy staple that is the basis of the famous Mediterranean diet. The main principle of this diet is the predominance in the menu of vegetables, fruits, cereals, bread and pasta from durum wheat - those very complex carbohydrates that are slowly absorbed by the body and provide it with energy for a long time. At the same time, only pasta made from durum flour has such useful properties. This flour, which is known in Italy under the name SEMOLA DI GRANO DURO, contains a lot of protein and has a rich yellow color, the pasta from it is especially tasty. It is from this flour that Barilla is made, which is recognized as the No. 1 pasta in Italy.

Family business Barilla was founded in 1877 and, over a century of history, has become a true symbol of Italian cuisine throughout the world. Pasta Barilla is a hymn to simple and delicious food that embodies true Italian love for tradition and respect for family values. Pasta Barilla is an opportunity to show your care for loved ones.

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