The administrator of the beauty salon froze to death in a cryogenic chamber

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The administrator of the beauty salon froze to death in a cryogenic chamber
The administrator of the beauty salon froze to death in a cryogenic chamber

A real scene from a horror movie took place in a popular beauty salon in Las Vegas.

The administrator of the beauty salon froze to death in a cryogenic chamber

24-year-old Chelsea Eyck-Salvacion was found dead in a cryotherapy chamber last week. Salon Rejuvenice, in which she worked as an administrator, was before this case a popular beauty salon with non-traditional treatments.

Cryotherapy is a short-term treatment of the body with low-temperature gas. Most often, liquid nitrogen is used, boiling at -196 degrees Celsius. The temperature in the chamber can reach -150 degrees.

Cryotherapy is believed to be beneficial for the skin, blood vessels, joints, and immune system, although no official studies have been conducted on this subject. For example, in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has officially stated that it does not have any reliable data on the benefits of this procedure. According to a document issued by the FDA: "These procedures cannot be recommended for the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of any disease."

Cryotherapy itself is carried out on a naked patient, who remains only in socks, underwear and a mask with a cap. The time of one-time continuous cold treatment should not exceed three minutes, according to experts.

Chelsea Eyck-Salvacion's body was found the next morning after she had spent 10 hours in a cryochamber.

The evening before, she saw clients and staff off, locked the salon door with her key, and went to have her rejuvenation treatments. There are no video cameras in the working areas of the salon, so what happened next remains a mystery. Forensic doctors believe that Chelsea's death came just a few seconds after she turned on the machine and entered the cryochamber alone, without a person who would control the process from outside.

The safety inspectors who conducted the investigation put forward the version that the administrator's death was due to her own mistake. The so-called "operator error". However, the family of the deceased indignantly rejects this assumption. As her uncle said, she was quite an experienced specialist, and, we quote, "knew very well what and how to do."

The owners of the clinic refrained from making statements, confining themselves to mourning the girl's family.

Trying to reduce everything to the human factor, of course, does not add credibility to the method. It turns out that all this time in the clinic a complex mechanism was controlled by a person who could make a mistake on any patient. Or the apparatus is capable of allowing such a deviation in the cooling process, which will lead to the death of a person. Or there are contraindications that a young and he althy girl who devoted herself to cryotherapy did not know about.

Chelsea Eyck-Salvasion was an active supporter and popularizer of this non-traditional method of treatment during her lifetime. In a bitter irony, two days after her death, the Las Vegas Review-Journal published her own article on the benefits of cryotherapy.

The clinic where the tragedy occurred was closed by the Labor Inspectorate. The official reason was given as "non-compliance by the employer with safe working conditions and lack of proper compensation to employees."

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