Let's take a drink break: 10 benefits of a non-alcoholic timeout

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Let's take a drink break: 10 benefits of a non-alcoholic timeout
Let's take a drink break: 10 benefits of a non-alcoholic timeout

It all starts quite innocently: Met up with friends - why not have a drink? Started drinking - why not continue? One day you get scared and decide: it's time to stop before the habit becomes a serious problem. Next time - only tea (juice, coffee, mineral water). Psychologists believe that when a person refuses something, he should receive something in return. What do we get when we take a sober day off?

Let's take a drink break: 10 benefits of a non-alcoholic timeout

1. Hangover-free Saturday. The sky is bluer, the grass is greener, and in general life is beautiful and amazing. When on the morning of the weekend you are full of energy and feel great, it's great. Instead of drinking all the water within reach and destroying your aspirin supplies, you go for a walk. Or to a beauty salon. You do not feel sick, and you do not experience painful shame for yesterday.

2. Save a lot of money and you can afford to buy something nice with them. Even if you buy wine on sale, in the end, a certain amount gradually accumulates. A few alcohol-free days off and you can reward yourself with that seductive topic or deluxe edition of your favorite book.

3. Wake up without thinking: “Oh shit, who did I write to yesterday?” Excessive drunken expressions of love and admiration or resentment to people you “thought you forgave everything” at three o'clock nights are not behaviors you are proud of and will miss.

4. It's not necessary, overcoming headache and shame, to urgently check Facebook and Instagram to remove tags from compromising evidence. Group photos from a friendly drinking party are not such a fun thing if you look at them sober.

5. Don't have that awful embarrassment about promising someone something with three boxes,and life is not enough to fulfill.

6. It's nice to fulfill the plan. If you and your husband agreed to go to Ikea on Saturday for a new chest of drawers, went, bought, brought and assembled - then mentally pat yourself on the head, rejoice at the new chest of drawers and enthusiastically stuff his panties and socks. Careless gatherings with the girls the day before - and tu-tu, goodbye, dresser, see you on a sober weekend (if they ever take place).

7. Food when sober has a taste, and the appetite remains within reason. After drinking, you don’t even remember if the pizza that you ordered at three in the morning was delicious and ate, almost without chewing.

8. In the evening you washed off your makeup, brushed your teeth, changed clothes, the bedroom is clean and tidy, a stream of fresh air shakes the curtain. -for the fact that there was no strength to open the window at night, and there is no taste of a cat orgy in the mouth.

9. If you are on a roll, it is only your own merit,and not champagne, which will give anyone dubious courage.

10. In your right mind and sober memory, you remember not only what and to whom you said, but also where and with whom you fell asleep,and this is your conscious choice.

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