5 secrets that affect how you look

5 secrets that affect how you look
5 secrets that affect how you look

Pay attention to these five things in the morning, and you can look perfect every day!

5 secrets that affect how you look

Morning preparations are finally over, and now you are ready to fly out of the apartment towards great things? Before leaving, you should definitely ask yourself five important questions (and we are not about whether you turned off the iron).

Do you have an accent in your look?

After you are dressed, step away from the mirror for a couple of minutes - finish your coffee, have a snack, check your mail. The main thing in this "exercise" is to distract yourself from your appearance. Then go back to the mirror and look at yourself with fresh eyes. What attracts attention in your image? An exciting neckline on a top, a sparkling bracelet or a belt that successfully emphasizes the waist - what is your focus on? Any outfit must have an accent, but you must decide for yourself - do you want others to concentrate on this particular place when meeting with you? If yes, then great, if not, then change the accent. A little trick: the "focus" of the image does not have to be focused on the accessory, it can even be a printed insert on a plain outfit.

Do things fit right?

Are there strange wrinkles on the raincoat, the blouse is too tight on the chest, and the zipper on the jeans has stopped closing all the way? Try to understand what the problem is and whether it is temporary - some nuances are solved by a visit to the tailor, and some, unfortunately, cannot be changed. It is important that everything you wear fits you properly - otherwise, you need to either correct the fit problems or part with these clothes.

Are there any noticeable imperfections on your clothing or accessories?

If the answer is yes, but these are small things that can be corrected right now (brush shoes or cut off thread sticking out), do it immediately. If this is something more serious (a stain of unknown origin, a hole, a lost button), then this thing will have to stay at home and wait for a trip to a dry cleaner or an atelier. And never - hear, never! - do not allow yourself to leave the house in clothes with a "small flaw" - this threatens to make you loyal to the shortcomings in appearance and, as a result, acquire the image of a slob.

Can you remove one thing without ruining the whole look?

This is especially true for outerwear and hats with scarves - the image will inevitably change if you remove any term from it. But the question is what kind of changes these will be: if a discarded biker jacket reduces your “bow” score from a confident “ten” to a weak “three”, something in the image needs to be changed.

How do you feel in this outfit?

Forget about "like nothing" and "fine for Friday" - imagine that you now leave the house and run into the notorious Prince on a white horse or the boss unexpectedly sends you to a meeting that is important for the whole company. How will you feel in this image? Modest, comfortable, appropriate? Do not settle for half measures! A really cool outfit will make you feel like you're on top of the world and bring a lot of pleasant moments and events.

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